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Single red rose blossom

Enjoy the New Year, Simplify and Be Joy

Full bloom of a single yellow rose.A new year rolled in.  Does it seem like 2016 even happened?  If not, why not?  Are you in such a rush that you don't take time to smell the roses and enjoy the moments a long the way?  This is not an article about making New Years Resolutions.  This is an article about simply enjoying life more each day as we start this new year.  [Update - this article was originally posted in 2015.]

Speaking of roses, I love them.  Every house I buy I plant rose bushes.  They remind me of my Grandmother Ellsworth.   There is something special about them and all their varieties.  When we opened our Store, Indigo Mountain in Safford, AZ we wanted to simplify our lives so we bought a house a few blocks from our business.  It has been great!  We can walk to work, walk to a grocery store, and take care of business and our home with ease.  But we still found we were busy and rushing around.  So Mark literally started stopping to smell our rose bushes each day before going anywhere.  That was his daily routine, stop look at the roses, pinch off the dead blooms, and literally SMELL THE ROSES.  Then he started his day, enjoying the moments, enjoying life more.

What do you do to start your day?

What do you want to be different in 2017 as we start a new year?

At the end of the year, what do you want your new year to look like?  As you think about 2016, what do you wish you did different?  NO REGRETS - those were choices you made.  But take stock of those choices and design and organize your life with intention this year with time for enjoying life more and doing the things you want to do.  Sometimes we can spend time running the rat race and not getting very far.  If you want some inspiration, read this article, Stop Allowing Excuses to Run Your Life, an interview about a young man that has accomplished a lot and has no arms.

I think as we mark the moments along the way and breath deeply, smiling more each day that time can slow down - or rather, we just are existing in time instead of trying to create a 30 hour day - which just slows us down.

Here are some ideas to help you enjoy each day more and simplify

  1. Spend less time on social media and texting.
  2. Spend more time face to face with the people you care about.Our family playing a game together
  3. Make memories with those people.
  4. Play games, not on the computer, with people.
  5. Stop and literally smell the roses or other rituals to help you slow down.
  6. Be realistic about what you can accomplish and do in a day or week.
  7. Get your sleep.
  8. Move and exercise as it gives you more energy and increases happy chemicals in your brain.
  9. Eat meals with the people you live with and friends and enjoy the meal, don't rush through it.
  10. Keep a journal and record the things your grateful for and the good times as well as some of your struggles.  Record your goals and dreams.
  11. Make a scrap book of pictures over the year.
  12. Look at your life and simplify.
  13. Learn something new.
  14. Have fun.
  15. Give service.
  16. Take a vacation.
  17. Pamper yourself and other around you.
  18. Get rid of your clutter and things that don't bring you joy.

We've been taking stock of our lives.  Personally we have 2 kids left and home and we want to enjoy each moment of their lives.  We have simplified our life a little more and cut out some activities that we were involved in.  These were great activities, we can all get involved in worthwhile amazing activities.  It just depends on what we choose to do.  After all, we have 24 hours in each day and 8 of those are sleeping hours.  Just for fun, I once added up the things I had committed to do - it was more than 20 hours for a day.  I knew right away that was part of some stress I was experiencing.  Now I take stock on a regular basis of my time.  Just like a check book needs to be balanced, you need to balance your time.  Money doesn't grow on trees and time marches on - we all get the same amount.  We can't do everything, so choose what you want with YOUR TIME.  As we roll into a new year, think about your life.

Once when I was feeling so overwhelmed and busy, I was meditating and pondering on my life.  This is always a good activity.  Most of us have a genius in our head if we just take time to listen.  Well my genius inner voice started talking to me and said, "Who told you you had to work so hard?  Who said you have to get all these things done?"  Of course I answered back - Me.  I was my task master and I realized that no one else probably cared if I did all these things and worked so hard.  But they probably cared that I took care of myself.  So I quit being so hard on myself - you know I wasn't paying myself overtime or rewarding me in anyway.  That was my awakening.

We looked at the activities we have been participating in and our time and our goals for the year.  Some of our activities were cut out.  As a family we decided what to be involved in and what to do so that we had time together.  We decided we also needed more game time together as a family.

We are getting rid of clutter in a big way this year and we already got started last year.  Then the universe decided I wasn't moving fast enough or needed some help.   I love this book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  It is a fantastic book to help you in this area.  We highly recommend this book.  It is short and easy to read.  I now look for objects that bring me joy or have a current job in my life, everything else is easy to let go of.  Our goal in 2016 is to get rid of 1/3 of our stuff so that when the new year of 2017 rolls around, we have tidied up and feel more organized.  It is not going to be an overnight task and we plan to have fun doing it.

Don't make a big deal about New Year Resolutions, just start each day creating the life you want.

If you just exist each day reacting to events and circumstances around you, it can still be a good life but you may not end of where you want.  Take just a few minutes or an evening and think about your life - DESIGN YOUR LIFE.  What do you choose?  Write it down, make a vision board, make a list, whatever works for you.  Then each day spend a few minutes planning your life.  It will make a huge difference.  For me personally, I end the day by looking at my day and planning for tomorrow.  That way when the morning starts I'm already on my game plan.

tea-set for 2 Pixabay freeWe do spend time each day in quiet thought and meditation.  It makes a huge difference.  Mark stops and smells the roses and I do as well.  But my big ritual that helps me slow down is enjoying a cup of herbal tea.  A dear friend got me hooked on herbal fruit teas years ago.  So when I drink my daily cup, I think of her - I think of friends - tea time.  I slow down and savor the delicious taste and smile about my day and the good times.

What do you do to enjoy the day and slow down?

What are your goals this year?  What are your working for?  Check out this article on Smart Goals inspired by our son Chandler.DSCN2982

This I am going to BE JOY; feeling peace and abundance.  What do you choose?

Share your thoughts and tips.

Kally and Mark

Vintage is In and Tips for Starting out the New Year

Jan 2015The magazine of the year for Your True Colours is packed full of tips to help you get the year started out right.  Check out the January 2015 issue.

You'll find article geared towards helping you in business, setting goals and even wellness tips.  In addition great vintage fashion and beautiful art.

You'll find our regular wellness article on page 23, "A Brand New You Using Vintage Techniques for Health and Wellness."

"Have you noticed that the wellness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States?  Yet, it is easy to notice that we are not generally living vibrant healthy lives.  Is it possible that in our high tech society over the past few years, we lost sight of basic wellness principles and now we are paying the price?

I have been working with people for over 10 years and I can see that most of the health challenges people are facing can be remedied with 7 basic principles.  My program is called:  Seven Simple Steps to Health and Wellness.

They are really simple steps!  They are not new.  I like to call them 'vintage' techniques for health and wellness."  Kally Efros

A fun article on Retro Toys and classic toys.  Monica Bunday shows you simple routines for exercise you can do in your own home.  Stop the negative mental chatter with suggestions from Hazel Palache.   Getting prepared for the new year with your business and how to participate in a vendor show.

As always, each magazine is packed full of fashion trends.  Find Pantone's color of the year and who should be wearing it.

Kally Oct Chinese Outfit tall 2Will you be wearing the  new color of the year?  What was your favorite article?

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Kally Efros
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A Great Way to Start the Year with SMART Goals

Goals On Whiteboard by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netOur goal at Indigo Mountain, is to help you achieve your goals, all year long weather it is in weight loss, improving your health, improving relationships, or just learning to relax and have more fun.

As is customary around the world as the New Year approaches, many people make New Year Resolutions.  We'd like to help you make SMART Goals that are doable and worth your time and effort.

We kicked off our year on December 31st with:  How to Make 2015 Different.  If you have not check it out, do.   It is the first place to start and will give you great food for thought with 3 steps.  Read more about the article.  These 3 steps can help you create smart goals.

  1. Identify what you want and get specific.  What do you want your life to look like in 12 months?
  2. Have a deep emotional connection to what you want and get your subconscious mind on board.
  3. Live with intention.  Be conscious with your words and actions.  Use the power of the phrase "I am..." to create your life.

Click here to listen to this radio program.

A Whole New You Wellness Makeover, Seven Simple Steps for Health and Wellness

Are you often overwhelmed with the huge amount of information about your health?  Everyone has an opinion and a new twist.  Join us for a conversation discussing simple, common sense Health Key Showing Online Healthcare by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netinformation about health and wellness.

Following these 7 basics, you will feel better and have more energy.  Smart goals should include improvement in 1 or more of these 7 areas.

When you are thinking about your goals, do they include better health?  More time for relaxation?  More energy?  Losing weight?  More time for the thing you enjoy?

The 7 Simple Steps is a good place to start.  Many people make goals and improving their lives way to complicated and expensive.  I have found when people follow the 7 Simple Steps, everything starts to change.  You can make just 1 new goal in 1 area or 1 new goal in all 7.  Whatever you do, you will experience a positive shift in your life.  And best of all, we are here to help you.  Click here for fort he radio show.

The Seven Simple Steps are:

  1. Water:  Often overlooked as a key to improving all aspects of health from sleep to feeling happier.  If you don't drink enough, even taking supplements can be a waste of effort.  You are 80% water - water is life.  We can help you find ways to learn to love water and get the right amount for your body.   Adding a simple filter for your water can improve the taste and quality of your water.
  2. Food:  Nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs fuels all areas of your life - both physical and mental.  Skip the fad diets and eating plans and learn what your body needs.  Over heart fruit and veggiesprocessed so called easy foods are responsible for eating up your wallet and energy.  Eating healthy is not as complicated as many think.  Without the right fuel, your body gets sick more often and is more tired.  Fuel your life with healthy life giving nutrients with the right supplements and meals.  Don't cheat on food and think taking vitamins will make up the difference.
  3. Rest:  When you rest you restore.  Your body was designed to rest.  You can't escape that fact by using stimulants.  When your body is rested, you think better and you function better in every area of your life.
  4. Exercise:  It might seem crazy to think that spending energy exercising - gives your more energy.  It really does.  But you don't need to go crazy at the gym or running marathons.  Remember 3 basics areas:  cardio, strength, and stretching.  Have fun while exercising.  It is a key to a healthy body, mind, and mental state.
  5. Own Your Power:  Learning to live in the present moment and understand that junk happens is a key to owning your power.  Living your life with integrity and taking care of yourself are just some of the ways you can do this.
  6. Environment:  Unfortunately we live in a world that is full of toxins.  Learning to read labels on foods, filtering your water, and even filtering the air can improve the quality of your life.  Eliminate toxic cleaning products and personal care products makes safer environment as well.  We couldn't live without our Air Filter or Water filter.  Mark has had breathing challenges due a asthma since childhood and the air filter makes a huge difference for him.
  7. Play:  We are so busy both adults and kids that play often gets put on the back burner.  Take time to play and enjoy life.  It is essential for everyone

We have some great tools at Indigo Mountain to help you achieve your Wellness goals.  Check out our services page to see how we can help you.

Time To Organize by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netGet Organized for the Year

Are you like most people setting lofty goals and then forgetting about them 1 month later?  We used to be like that, and then worse - not setting goals.  We've got some tips to help you accomplish realistic and smart goals.

We opened our toy store and wellness center with a goal in mind, to help individuals and families life a more joy-filled passionate life with good health and vitality.

Getting organized and setting SMART Goals can help you improve the quality of your life.  We have some steps to help you do that.

  1. The Color Code can help you identify your personality and how you work towards and accomplish goals.  Kally and Mark are both expert trainers in the Color Code and help you understand your personality and motivation better.  For example Reds are great goals setters and usually achieve their goals, but can be too driven.  Blue are eager goal setters most of the time, but often set goals that are to high and hard to achieve.  Whites are great dreamers, but may not get to setting goals or getting them done.  Yellows have commitment issues when it comes to goals, but if they view the end goal as fun - they will take the time for it.
  2. Setting goals focuses your acquisition of knowledge.  In a day and age where there is so much out there - we can be easily distracted by many things.  Identify what you want and focus your efforts there.
  3. Identify a large scale goal, then break it down into doable pieces.
  4. In addition to health and wellness you may want to consider other areas to work on:  career, financial, education, family, hobbies and art, attitude, pleasure, and public service.
  5. Write your goals down and share them with certain key people as needed for support and encouragement.  But not all goals need to be publicized.
  6. Check in regularly with yourself and your goals and make adjustments as needed.  I write my goals on my task list to remind me to work on them.
  7. Organize your goals with groups your involved with like your spouse and family.  Working on common goals together makes them easier.  You don't want conflicting goals.
  8. USE the SMART Goal guidelines.
    1. Specific - set specific goals.
    2. Measurable - be able to measure progress.
    3. Attainable - set goals you can and will be able to accomplish.
    4. Realistic
    5. Timely - give yourself time frames.
  9. Last, learn to visualize your goal.  You should see yourself accomplishing the goal.  Picture yourself at the finish line.

This was just a highlight of the great show.  We even had Chandler, our 5th child come on the show and explain the SMART goal system.  He has accomplished a lot in his life and has used goals to get more done from learning the guitar, teaching guitar lessons, and achieving high marks in school and earning his Eagle Scout rank at a young age.  He learned the value of organizing his life with goals.

Check out the radio program here.

Coming up:

January 21 - Weight Loss Secrets and Tips

January 28 - A Look Inside a Red Personality

Kally and Mark for webHow is your year going so far?  Do you have any tips to share on getting organized and accomplishing your goals?

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Kally and Mark
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Make Positive Changes – How to Make 2015 Different

Most of us want some things to change in the coming year.  To make positive changes in your life, you need more than goal setting, you need to change your outlook on life if you want to see changes.  Or as a friend once said, "Change the pond you're fishing in if you  want different fish."  Join us on Your True Colours Image Radio program for Get Real! with Mark and Kally - How to Make 2015 Different.

What is the secrete to making positive changes that last?  How can we make 2015 different and even better?

Many of us every day want things to be different.  We want to make positive changes in your life, but often don't do anything about it.  If you keep doing things the same every day - you will get different results.

1.  Don't just wish for things to be different, identify what you really want.  Get specific.  Identify things in your life that you need to change that will help you get what you want.Target Board by Danilo Rizzuti at

For example, you want more energy - who doesn't.  That isn't specific enough.  Why do you want more energy?  What are you willing to change to accomplish that?  Don't expect to get 4 and 5 hours of sleep at night, living on junk food and caffeine and have more energy.  You have to willing to live your life in such a way - got get more energy.  It isn't going to come to you just because you wish it to.

Get specific.  What do you want your life to look like in 12 months?  How are you going to accomplish that?

2.  You need to have a deep emotional connection to what you want.  Our lives reflect what our subconscious wants and is creating.  Our subconscious mind is 92% to 98% of our mind.  It creates a powerful attractor field.

Here is a great quote from Pragito Dove at Finer Minds:

"The main reason people don’t get the results they want is because plain, unemotional words do not influence the subconscious mind. So ask for things that have an emotional connection for you. Your chances of success will be much higher.  Your subconscious mind (approximately 90% of you) recognizes and acts only upon thoughts that have been well-mixed with emotion or feeling."

If you are dealing with low self-esteem issues and want to make more money at your job, but you don't feel worthy of more money - then subconsciously you will have a hard time connecting to that concept and attracting that concept.

One of mentors told a story about wanting a sports car.  He said you can't just wish for a sports car.  Get specific on what you want - the car and model.  Picture yourself with that car.  Now we all can probably relate to getting pulled over and getting a speeding ticket.  He connected to the idea of speeding down a freeway in the brand new specific sports car and felt the tension as the officer turned on the lights and pulled him over and then could see himself explaining to the officer why he was speeding.  Later that year - he got the sports car.

Connect emotional with a strong why and feeling for what you want to be different in your life.

Goal Concept by Master isolated images at Freedigitalphotos.net3.  Live with intention.  Choose what you are going to do.  Be conscious with your words and your actions.  many people have developed a habit of saying "I'm sick and tired of...." or "I'm so fat...", or any number of other negative things.  I used to say "I'm sick and tired of X,Y, and Z" all the time.  Pretty soon - I was becoming more and more sick and tired - physically.  That is of course until I woke up and started living consciously.

Say what you mean.  Connect to those emotions.  Use the power of words.  Use the power of "I am...."

Here are some great quotes by Louise L. Hay-

"Every thought we think is creating our future."

"You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that.  We think so often that we are helpless, but we're not.  We always have the power of our minds.  Claim and consciously use your power."

"I change my life when I change my thinking.
I am Light.  I am Spirit.
I am a wonderful, capable being.
And it is time for me to acknowledge that I create my own reality with my thoughts.
If I want to change my reality,
then it is time for me to change my mind."

"Think thought that make you happy.  Do things that make you feel good.  Be with people who make you feel good.  Eat things that make your body feel good.  Go at a pace that makes you feel good."

Do you ever refuse to think a positive thought about yourself?  Well, you can refuse negative thoughts as well.  You can stop thinking a thought.  Thoughts can be changed.   Don't fight your thoughts.

Your beliefs become your thoughts.  Your thoughts become your beliefs.  These become your actions.  Actions lead to habits.  Habits become your character and your destiny.  But it all starts with belief.

If you want 2015 to be different, start by changing your thoughts and beliefs.  Fish in a different pond.

Start today and create a positive intention for your life and make positive changes in your life for 2015.

If you enjoyed this outline of our show - tune in here and get the full story.  At then end of the program you can follow along as I go through a process to help you create a positive intention for yourself.

I use the LifeLine Technique and EVOX from ZYTO to help facilitate your intention.  Click here to read more about these wonderful tools.

The LifeLine Technique is an incredible tool that helps create a fresh new view and brings great clarity to the sub-conscious core root and how to shift it.

ZYTO's EVOX balances blocks found within cell memory and perceptions of the body - it helps re-frame your perceptions.

Kally and Mark for webWe started Indigo Mountain to help facilitate programs and opportunities for you to live a more vibrant joy filled life.  Our passion is to help you Get Real and bridge the gap to a joy-filled passionate life with good health and vitality.  So partner with us this year and get started making positive changes for 2015 and make this year different.  How can we help you?

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year!

Kally and Mark

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Today is a New Day – Celebrate Each Day. What About New Year’s Resolutions?

We always celebrate New Year's Eve with style in our family - it is a fun celebration.   We watch movies, play games, work on puzzles, eat lots of food and stay awake until past midnight.  We spend it with friends and/or family.  The kids always had so much fun staying up late.  We watch the countdown on the TV and listen to music.  Sometimes we even play those dancing games.  We'll even reminisce about the past year. I speak a little Spanish and one year we played Spanish scrabble with a family from Argentina - that was fun and challenging.  What ever we do, we have fun.  At the stroke of midnight we shoot off poppers of confetti - yes - in my house.  It goes everywhere and gets into everything.  All year we find confetti.  Just when I thought we got it all, we moved after 10 years of New Year Celebrations and I laughed with joy at the confetti we found and WHERE we found it.   Then we pull out the sparkling cider and glass flutes or Italian glass goblets and we toast the new year.  The kids love it!  It is such a tradition that when we celebrated all the holidays in one day for my China daughter - toasting the new year was part of that.  Here is a great article on the value of playing games, it would make a great New Years Resolution.

This year we'll be making a Memory Jar, adding little notes all year of memories and things we are grateful for, to review next New Year's Eve.

I have moved away from the printed calender using instead electronic calenders that sync with my smart phone.  It isn't the same as far as memories go.   This year I printed out a 12 month calender to write down important events as they happen over the year.    On the back of each month calender page I'll be able to journal about the month - quickly and easily.  It is a good reference.  With digital photos, I don't print them out and look at them and I have not scrapbooked in years.  For the year as we take pictures, I'll be creating 3 files.  One file for the months of the year pictures.  Another file for the special pictures I want to print out.  And the last file will be for pictures I think would make a good slide show on a CD.  At the end of the year, I'll have my Memory Jar, Photos printed into a photo book with a CD of the year in review slide show and the 12 calender pages with the important dates written on them.  I'm really excited actually.   Next New Year's Eve will be so much fun with an easy CD slide show of pictures to watch and our Memory Jar of the past year. 

So now that it is a new year, it is a good time to reflect on what you did and didn't do.  Many people like to make New Year's Resolutions.   I like to start the year with making a Vision Board.

This year we were talking about the past  year and planning for the new year, missing our 2 kids in China and 1 in the Phoenix area.  We Facebook messaged the China kids - they were eating lunch and thinking of our midnight tradition.  As we reflected about our lives, Mark said, "You know New Year's Eve and New Year Day just doesn't quite have the same meaning to me anymore.  Everyday is a new year and a new beginning."  Bingo!  He won the prize - living in the present moment.  We don't have to wait for December 31st to start anew.  

Dr. Darren Weissman in his book The Power Of Infinite Love & Gratitude said, "Owning your power is living life with Infinite Love & Gratitude.  It means to embrace all aspects of life with passion, purpose and courage."  When you face each day passion, purpose and courage - every day really is a celebration of living.  Imagine what your life would look like if each day was embraced with love and gratitude.  If you have ever been to a Tony Robbins event, you are constantly celebrating.  Imagine what your life would like if you celebrated each day not just the last day of the year.  There is great value to honoring the successes and victories of each day

This is how I approach the change of the year and New Year's Resolutions:

  •  Memory Jar, to stay focused on the good moments of the year and what we are grateful for.
  • 12 month printed calender to record important life events; plan the year in general and create objectives and goals during the year; and to be used to evaluate the past year
  • Organizing my digital photos as I go through the year dropping photos in files to generate a photo album and CD slide show
  • Evaluate the past year, if you didn't accomplish something - why not?
  • Imagine what I want my life to look like next December and set some long rang goals to achieve that
  • Look at each area of my life and see what I would like to improve or change
  • Take a realistic look at what I'm willing to do and match that with what I want my life to look like
  • Get a mentor, coach, support person and/or friend that can help support you; tell someone 
  • Create a Vision Board
  • Break it down and make some actionable steps; don't try to do it all in January
  • Plan to celebrate along the way - Celebrate the Journey and Find Joy in the Journey
  • Be flexible, you may need to change course through the year or adjust your goals
  • Be consistent
  • Most important:  Everyday is a new day, you get to start each new day working on the bigger picture of your life plan.

Don't set a goal for yourself to lose 50 lbs if you are not willing to change the way you eat and exercise or get to the root of your weight problem.  You will only set yourself up for failure.  A better option might be to work on adding exercise to your daily routine.  While we need to be realistic about where we are, we also need to dream and imagine what we want our life to look like.  One of the biggest challenges I see when working with people is that they don't know what they want out of life, but what they have they don't want.  If you don't know where you're going, you'll have a hard time getting there.  For some people that is okay, they get in the car and drive anywhere and they are happy.  But, if you want to get to a certain place, a little planning helps a lot and a map.  If you really want a great trip, talk to someone who has been there and they will tell you all the great hot spots.  

What is your destination for the end of they year?  What do you want to see in your life?  What are you willing to do to get there?  Get your map (goals and a vision board) and talk to someone that can coach you along the way and even help you get past those bumps in the road.

Happy New Year or as the common Spanish greeting goes:  "Prospero Año Nuevo" or have a prosperous new year.

Kally Wellness coach

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