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The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Holiday Weight Gain

Orange Caterpillar with text by twobee at FDPIt seems that this is the time of year when there is food everywhere you go - special holiday food.  Do you remember the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar?  He ate through a whole bunch of food.  Of course at the end - he was huge and then turned into a beautiful butterfly.  Now this works for caterpillars.  But we are not caterpillars.  However, if you find that you gain weight each holiday season - you can have YOUR OWN TRANSFORMATION, just like the caterpillar to a butterfly - but it is through understanding what you really want to eat - and making conscious choices and deal with those cravings.

Most people find themselves gaining 5 to 10 pounds over the holidays.  This is due in part to a belief that you will by abandoning all your healthy eating habits.  Many people start eating food not so good for them, and it is just the Very Hungry Caterpillar, it starts with 1 and before you know it - tons.  We have tips for you to help you, so take a listen to the show for your tips on avoiding the holiday bulge and catch some highlights below.

During the holidays your stress levels may increase and that can contribute to weight gain as well.   You don't have to avoid desserts  either, it is more about consciously eating and not eating everything in sight like the Very Hungry Caterpillar.



You don't have to fall into this trap, it is possible to enjoy holiday goodies without putting on a single pound.  Portion control is the key.

Here are you quick tips for avoiding holiday weight gain.

  1. Never arrive at a gathering hungry.
    1. Eat healthy food before going, get your good food in.
    2. Eat chia seeds to help you feel full.
    3. Make sure you are hydrated, drinking your water needs.Roasted Chicken With Vegetables by Apolonia at FDP
    4. Take a healthy snack or herbal tea with you.
    5. Get your protein needs met.  When you have enough protein you crave less.
  2. Don't save up your calories for the party.  BIG MISTAKE.  If you arrive starving you will have no self control.  Eat your regular healthy meals.  Then go to the party.
  3. Pay attention to the people and the reason for the season or the gathering.  Don't make the holidays all about food.  Connect with people and make memories.
    1. Take pictures
    2. Write down stories by family members
  4. Take your time when eating.
    1. Use a small plate
    2. Fill up on healthier food first
    3. Stay hydrated at the gathering
    4. Talk to people and slow down while eating.
    5. Be picky - only eat what you really want.
    6. If you don't normally eat a food, don't eat it unless it is something you really want.IMG_3432
    7. Don't overeat just because you blew it.  Put the brakes on.
  5. If you drink alcohol, watch the number of drinks and set a limit.
  6. Make sure you really want a dessert.  Don't eat it just because it is there.
    1. Eat small portions of desserts.
    2. Eat what you love, don't eat it if it is not spectacular.
    3. Can you eat a bite and move on?
    4. Bring your own treats.
    5. If you really don't want the sweets at the office or that people bring - don't eat it.  If you do wan them, have a small amount and give away the rest.
    6. Learn to use the 3 bite rule for desserts.  Three bites:  1st amazing bite, satisfying middle bite, and the lingering 3rd bite.
  7. If you are doing the cooking, prepare healthier options.  Many people actually appreciate it.  Most traditional holiday food can be made healthier.
    1. Watch how much you are eating and 'tasting' while cooking.
    2. There are tons of recipes on the internet with a healthier twist.
    3. Whip your own cream and add stevia and vanilla.
    4. Use real food like real butter.
    5. You can make desserts with a lot less sugar.
    6. People love fruit and veggie platters.
    7. Don't keep leftovers unless you really want them and they wont be a problem.  Send them off with guests.
    8. Spread your holiday meal favorites over several days.  We love to eat left over turkey with a new side dish each day.  I don't feel the need to cram all my favorite food into 1 meal.
  8. Keep moving and exercising.  Studies show that when you start your day with exercise, you tend to eat less tempting food.  If your too busy to do a regular workout, then squeeze in 10 to 15 minutes of exercise.  It is better than nothing.
  9. Keep weighing yourself.  Get a new relationship with the scale.  It is a good feedback to tell you if you are gaining weight.IMG_3434
  10. Watch stress levels.
  11. Don't stress eat.
  12. Get your sleep.  When you don't get enough sleep it through off your hormones and you eat more.
  13. Learn to say no.
    1. What do you want to say yes to?
    2. What do you want to say no to?
  14. Get a game plan.  Decide what you want to do and what you really want to eat.  If you want that pumpkin pie, have it.  But then choose not to have a whole piece of every other pie.  Or even better - don't eat the whole pie.
  15. Deal with cravings ahead of time.  Here are some great tools.
    1. Journal
    2. Tapping, EFT
    3. The LifeLine Technique
    4. EVOX, Perception Reframing
    5. Meditation
    6. Focus on what you really want
    7. Visualization
    8. Stay calm and breathe
    9. Before going anywhere, work on your will power and make a commitment to yourself.

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Kally and Mark for webDo you have any tips to share to help avoid gaining weight during the holidays?  Do you have amazing and delicious healthy food recipes that you make for the holidays?  Please share.

We so appreciate you, our readers and our customers.  Thank you for putting up with us and supporting us.  I am also so very grateful to our family for the sacrifices they have made so that we can do what we love, helping others and running our own business.   Our children are our reason for most things we do in life.

Thank you for tuning and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Mark and Kally

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Quick Tips for Healthy Living

It seems there is always a push for healthy living ideas - with BRAND NEW IDEAS.

How do you stay healthy?  What are your health and wellness goals?

Me - my goal is to age gracefully and enjoy life to the fullest!  How do I do that?

A much younger me. This is about 15 years ago. I was tired, overweight and had lots of pain.

Well it all started years ago when at 30 years old I didn't accept the standard norm or prescription medication for everything and that aches and pains were a part of life.  I lived the standard American lifestyle.  It wasn't getting me very far.  Yes I did indulge in sodas, chips, and other junk food items.  I'm so happy to say that they don't even tempt me now at all.  I'm so much healthier now and life is pretty good.

But, it wasn't always so easy - it was a bit of work.  There is an adjustment period.  But you need to ask yourself what you want your life to look like in 10 years or 20 years or 50 years.

My mother in law is a great woman.  She has had thyroid issues, and not perfect health.  But she is 90 years old - yep last year she turned 90.  Her secret avoid medications unless necessary, eat at home most of the time, and eat lots of fruits and veggies.  And for sure drink your water.  She exercises religiously every morning.  At 89 she had a stroke.  So she improved her diet even more and started juicing.  She no longer takes the medications she was given after her stroke and is in better shape right now than last year.  She also maintains a very happy attitude towards life.  Nothing really gets her down.  She and my father in law live alone and keep up their house and clean their own house and make their own food.  Someone finally started coming to do the yard work, but you will still find them out doing things around the yard.

I contrast that image of my mother with many other people and they are not aging as well.  I want to age well.  I want to sit and play games with my grand kids at 90 years photoold, I want to be able to read, and carry on a conversation with people on relevant topics.  I don't want my last days to be full of aches and pains.  So to avoid as much as I can control - you have to start planning now - wherever your at - start planning now.  Make changes and improvements as you can - it is worth it.

Keep up with us - the 7 Simple Steps are the keys!  Just start making changes.

I started with where I was, made changes slowly and my energy went up.  As I have aged - my energy has increased.

If weight is part of your goal and you need to work on that - check out my radio show program on weight loss.  I also talk about just good health principles.

Here are you quick tips:

1. Drink more water each day - it does make a difference.

2. Eat more healthy food - say yes to more good things.  And just say no to some junk food choices.  Treat yourself with good healthy food because your worth it.

3. Get the right amount of sleep, it makes a difference.  Your health improves.

4. Exercise - just move and have fun doing it.  Go on a walk with a friend.

5.  Be happy - approach life with gratitude.

6. Improve your surrounding and environment as best as you can.  Hang pictures, play uplifting music, surround yourself with things you love.  Use water and air filters if you can.

7. Play!  It is essential and helps keep balance in your life.  You never get to old to play and you shouldn't stop.  My mother in law still plays games with the kids and laughs and has a good time all the time. Play reduces stress, less stress, less health challenges.

Kally Oct Chinese Outfit tall 2If you want a healthier life - feel better - more energy then start today with simple steps.  Don't get overwhelmed and don't shortchange yourself - you are worth it in every way.  The junk food is just not worth it.  If you need help, we'll support you along the way!

By the way, this is me now - much old and I feel much better.