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Spice Traders Essential Oil by Carly Turner


Oh, the holidays- the cool air, the fresh weather, the warm scents. It invites cheer and giving, sharing and receiving, and sometimes... of the bacterial variety. The oil blend Spice Traders has been historically known to help keep away cold and sickness, and can help this holiday season to keep away the gloom!

What is Spice Traders?FullSizeRender (9)

Spice Traders is also known as 'thieves' or 'four thieves'. There are many other 

similar versions of this sold around the world. It is well-known historically for being an anti-plague remedy. 

This is a great-smelling spicy and warm holiday-oriented scent. It was historically used to aide in protecting the body from the onsets of flu, candida, colds, viruses, and plagues. It was also used to assist in infections, including ones of the mouth. 

There exists a vinegar recipe similar to the Spice Traders blend that is hung in the Museum of Paris since 1937. The recipe was apparently used during an episode of the plague. Wormwood, wild marjoram, sage, meadow-sweet, rosemary, horehound clove, and camphor are all put into a vinegar and left to steep for two weeks then the mixture is strained and bottled.*1

Indigo Mountain Spice Traders synergy contains essential oil of clove, cinnamon bark, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, thyme, orange, oregano, nutmeg, rosemary, mandarin, ginger root, and citronella. All of these lovely oils have been historically known to either be cleansing, antibacterial, or uplifting. In the past, an oil mixture like this may not have just been used to keep away sickness but also to consecrate and anoint as well.

The use of cinnamon was mentioned in the bible,


“...the Lord said to Moses,

‘Take the following fine spices:

  • 500 shekels of liquid myrrh [~6g]
  • Half as much of fragrant cinnamon [~3g]
  • 250 shekels of fragrant calamus [~3 kg]
  • 500 shekels of cassia [~6g]
  • And a hin of olive oil [~5 quarts]

“Make these into a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend, the work of a perfumer. It will be the sacred anointing oil. Then use it to anoint the tent of meeting, the ark of the covenant law, the table and all its articles, the lampstand and its accessories, the altar of incense, the altar of burnt offering and all its utensils, and the basin with its stand. You shall consecrate them so they will be most holy, and whatever touches them will be holy.'” (Exodus 30:22-29)




Use for diffusion in the air, can be mixed with wax for wax melts, or used in an oil warmer. Mix into a spray bottle with distilled water for a room spray or bathroom spritzer. 


applying oilBody

Spice Traders has been historically known to help with various different bodily issues. It may help pull slivers, blackheads and other things out of the surface of the skin.

If you have ultra-sensitive skin it is not recommended to apply directly to the body without first diluting it in a carrier oil, lotion or water. 

When applying to the body places one may wish to apply to are the wrists, behind and on the ears, at the base of the neck, temples, inside of elbows, bottoms of feet, and behind the knees. If using a lot on the body it is definitely recommended to dilute, dilute, dilute! A little can go a long way. 


Use while brushing or mix with water or oil for a mouth rinse. The oil blended into a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil and adding the oil to your toothpaste may help with teeth pain, mouth sores, or sore gums.  Spice Traders has been used historically to help canker sores. This blend can be used in a mouthwash or as a gargle to help sore throats when mixed with water. 

For example, it has been documented that there is evidence that it may be very antibacterial. The most well-documented study from 1996 showed evidence of antibacterial properties.  Micrococcus luteus (Fleming strain), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) and Staphylococcus aureus (Golden staph) were all tested against the oil mixture.  Fleming strain was reduced 82%, P. aeruginosa reduced 96%, and golden staph reduced 44% within 10 minutes of diffusing the oil.*2

Tip: Alternating with other oils that we carry like Aura and Fortify can help balance the use of oils when being used consistently. Using the same oil regularly is not recommended. Using the same oil or synergy too often can be ineffective. 


For pregnant women or those who are planning to become pregnant it is important to discuss essential oil use with your health care provider for advice and to use discernment with their use.

This synergy could possibly result in contact sensitization. Should be used with caution if susceptible to epilepsy.*3  

There is not much research on whether or not oils can cause drug interactions or any contraindications. There are also not many studies on how essential oils can interact in long-term use. Individuals who use essential oils should discuss what they are using with their doctor or health care providers and use with caution or discretion. Properly diluting one's oils before use on the body can help make sure that you have more safety when using very concentrated oils. Cinnamon bark oil can burn your skin with direct contact- dilute, dilute, dilute! 

1*Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, Gattefosse’s Aromatherapy (CW Daniel Company, Ltd. First published in Paris, France in 1937 by Girardot & Cie.), 85-86.


3*pg. 149, Reference Guide for Essential Oils compiled by Connie and Alan Higley.



Your True Colours January 2016

Jan2016We have enjoyed being a regular contributing writing for Your True Colours Magazine.  But, we feel we need to spend our time with our own business.  They have been great.  So this is our last article from Indigo Mountain for Your True Colours.  This months magazine is full of great articles.  Check them out.

You'll find our wellness article on page 19 - a look at Superfoods and they really are.  If you find yourself confused lately about all the media coverage, you'll want to check this out.

Superfoods - What are they?

I don't make money writing this article, no food groups paid me, I received no samples to sway my opinion.  This is just pure knowledge as I have learned it from school, common sense, training, and conventional wisdom and knowledge.  Do your research.  You'll find that a lot of claims are simple hype.  So take a look and just make a few changes to your lifestyle 1 step at a time.

Healthy Food Word by Serge Bertasius Photography at

Even though I'm not writing for the magazine any more - you'll still find lots of great content on our website.  And we intend to make it even better.  So please share with your friends and let them know about us.

For a look at eating healthy check out our other great articles.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas, 3 parts.

Really, It is Possible to Eat Healthy

Green Smoothie Cleanse for Energy and Vitality

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Can a Magnesium Deficiency Make You Twice as Likely to Die?

magnesium-elementYou might be 2 times as likely to die as other people with a magnesium deficiency in an often overlook but extremely critical mineral, according to a study published in The Journal of Intensive Care Medicine.

Magnesium deficiency also accounts for a long list of symptoms and diseases — which are easily helped and often cured by adding this nutrient.

Magnesium is critical for over 300 enzyme reactions. It is often used in medicine - but many medical professionals don't know why or use it before an emergency.  Magnesium is one of the 4 electrolytes that include sodium, potassium and calcium.

Magnesium deficiency is linked to inflammation (elevated levels of C-reactive Protein), autism, PMS, cramps, early labor, high blood pressure, asthma, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, constipation, angina, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, and so much more including weight gain and obesity.  Basically if you have a health concern, you might want to look at supplementing magnesium.

You can find a natural source of magnesium in a whole state in Red Raspberry Leaf. It is the best whole and natural source. And it has long been a remedy for men and women for puberty, male/female menopause, PMS, cramps and pregnancy.

We carry a new Liposomal delivery system of magnesium that many find very beneficial - especially for those with digestive issues (most Americans).MagnesiumLiposomal

And you can use magnesium topically. You can make your own, or come get ours.

Try soaking more often in a bath of Epsom salts.

Magnesium is often overlooked.

Many are deficient because our need is much greater.

Most people do not eat enough of the foods high in magnesium.  Food sources are: High magnesium foods include dark leafy greens, raw nuts and seeds, wild fish, beans, whole grains (not whole grain commercial bread and pastas - it isn't there despite the label - you need actual real whole grains like your grandparents used to eat), brown rice, avocados, real raw yogurt (not commercial), bananas, dried fruit, and dark chocolate which is why many women and men crave chocolate (again not the junky cheap chocolate with sugar, real healthy and good for you dark chocolate).

And many people are deficient because of the poor conditions of our guts or our digestive systems.  Minerals like magnesium require a low pH to be absorbed.  Your stomach is normally a low pH to properly digest food.  American's are confused by this and think that acid reflux is the result of TOO MUCH ACID.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  So in turn many are popping acid neutralizers from over the counter source and prescriptions.  If your a bit confused on your digestive system, check this article out and I'll explain it better.   Here are some alternatives for acid reflux.  So many people are neutralizing stomach acid and are unable to absorb and utilize what little magnesium they eat and the magnesium they supplement with.

Due to poor absorption of magnesium because of the digestive system, DesBio answered that with their Liposomal delivery of Magnesium, it bypasses the digestive system and gets the magnesium to the cells.

Many drugs can cause a magnesium deficiency as well.

Drinking alcohol, diabetes both type 1 and type 2, any gastrointestinal problems including Crohn's and IBS, and excessive sweating cause you to lose magnesium at a higher rate.

red raspberry leaf capsIn addition you need adequate levels of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin.  And many people are deficient in this nutrient.  You also need Vitamin K1 and K2.  K1 is found in dark green leafy vegetables and K2 is normally made in your healthy gut.  Problem is, most people don't have a healthy gut due to antibiotics both prescribed and in our food supply.  So you need to supplement with ideally naturally fermented foods and good probiotics.

So are you feeling a bit overwhelmed right about now?  Don't worry.  We are here to help.  It isn't as simple as taking a supplement.  In fact, taking a ton of supplements is what is wrong with the natural health care field, every one just wants to throw pills at you.  And unfortunately there are not magic pills.  But as 'Once Upon a Time' fans know, magic comes with a price.  You can take your magic pill, and you will pay a price whether that pill is a Rx formula prescribed by your doctor or another pill promising results, you will pay a price.

The real solution..... it is what we teach and live.  Our Seven Simple Steps to Wellness.  You just need to join us, follow us, and learn from us.  We will help you Get Real help and healing and get on the path to real health, not just a magic pill.  This is why buying a bunch of supplements of random websites can cost you a lot of extra money and may even compromise your health.  Support your naturopaths and healers, they are the ones that have acquired useful information through years of study and research and can help you.

So what can you do if you suspect you are low in magnesium?  And more than 50% of the population is.

  1. Drink more water.  Lack of water actually makes it harder for your stomach to get a low enough pH to digest your food.
  2. Eat right and severely limit your junk food, sodas, coffee and alcohol.  Eat a balanced whole food diet with plenty of leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, good fats, and the right amount of protein.
  3. Get your sunshine to increase vitamin D levels.
  4. Include easily made naturally fermented foods like kefir, kombucha, real pickles (not commercial store bought), and home made yogurt.
  5. Supplement with Liposomal Magnesium while fixing your digestive system.  Call us or come into the store for information.
  6. Supplement with good sources of magnesium like red raspberry leaf.
  7. Take a regular bath in Espsom salts.  And who couldn't use more time in the bath?  Right.
  8. Talk to us and we'll help you on the path to real health and wellness.

If you suffer with a chronic illness, have unexplained illness or are even dealing with depression and anxiety; talk to health expert that might know about magnesium.  It is a simple fix and has helped thousands.

Kally December compressed for webKally

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Six Foundational Steps to Heal Your Body

Health Words Related To Healthcare by David Castillo Dominici at FDPNaturopathic medicine is an approach to health, wellness and healing that recognizes the amazing whole body.  It treats the whole person.  Naturopathy supports the body to do it's job, it treats the whole person.  Wellness and prevention are the keys; while disease is treated through stimulation, enhancement and support.  Treatments are chosen to support a person's vital energy with respect to the natural healing process.   With these 6 foundational steps, you can heal your body.

Tune in to listen to our Get Real! with Mark and Kally show to hear more about the Six Foundational Steps to Heal Your Body.

I am trained in natural medicine and daily I see the value and order of these 6 steps to heal your body.

There are many different healing modalities that fall in this category and include things you can do at home like nutrition, meditation and exercise to acupuncture and herbal medicine that you may want to consult with someone about.

Hippocrates, who is know as the father of medicine - is actually the father of naturopathy,  was born around the year 460 BC on the Greek island of Kos.  He is credited with being the first person to believe that disease were caused naturally and not because of superstition.   He believed disease was the product of environmental factors, diet, and living habits.  His theories have been proven correct.  Hippocratic medicine and its philosophy are very far removed from that of modern medicine.  Instead, his approach was very passive and based on "the healing power of nature."

His doctrine taught that the body contained within itself the power to re-balance and heal.  This therapy focused on simply easing this natural process.

The 6 fundamental principles are:  Anatomy by farconville FDP

  1. Healing power of nature
  2. Identify and treat the cause
  3. Do no harm
  4. Treat the whole person
  5. The physician is a teacher (or should be)
  6. Prevention is the best cure

Many people practicing the art of naturopathy are referred to as "Quacks".

Here is the definition of a quack:  An untrained person who practices medicine fraudulently, or any person who pretends to have knowledge or skill in a particular field, charlatan.


The original quacks were selling a fake 'snake oil' and crude oil, which is one of the roots of modern the pharmaceutical industry.  The real snake oil came from Chinese water snakes and was used by Chinese immigrants - it is and was omega 3 oil known today to help with all the conditions the Chinese were using it for back then.  Chinese water snakes were hard to come by, so greedy people started having Rattle snake shows and using them to obtain 'snake oil' and they are lower in omega 3 oils.  Soon snake oil started containing ingredients like mustard oil, pine oil, petroleum, paprika, camphor, cayenne and wintergreen oil.  Rock oil, crude petroleum was sold for many complaints.

There are some 'quacks' with medical degrees.  And there are some 'quacks' with various degrees and certificates in alternative or natural medicine.

Most Naturopaths are SKILLED and they DO NOT practice medicine.

Health Disease Buttons Shows Healthcare by Stuart Miles at FDPThere are quite a few differences between Western Medicine and Traditional Naturopathy.   As a naturopath I look for the root cause and I look for how I can help the body to heal following the 6 steps.  It is simple and straightforward.  We treat the cause.  Most western trained medical practitioners treat symptoms.

Here is an example, heartburn.  If you complain of heart burn or acid reflux to a western trained medical professional, you will likely be given a prescription to neutralize the acid.  Sounds simple and reasonable and most people 'fall' for that 'quick fix'.  The problem is, it doesn't always work, there are several SEVERE side effects to this seemingly harmless medication, it is attempting to treat only the symptoms, it DOES NOT CURE or treat the real problem and IT MAKES THE CONDITION WORSE.

Instead, we look at the body.  This is ussually a sign of too little acid and you can't digest your food and a sign of poor digestion.  We want to HELP THE BODY TO DO IT'S JOB.  So we encourage more water (often dehydration is a big factor), we check diet and make adjustments as needed, supply the body with food enzymes and possibly probiotics.  We check to see if we need to heal any part of the digestive system.  And amazingly, the body begins to digest the food better and symptoms go away.

With Rx treaments you WILL have negative side effects, it is just a matter of time; digestion is NOT improved and you will suffer from lack of nutrients feeding the body.

With a naturopathic approach you WILL have the opportunity to heal your body and Mortar And Pestle With Herb by Praisaeng at FDPimprove your health.  Unfortunately there are many so-called alternative practitioners only treating symptoms.  You'll see examples of this with people handing out herbs or essential oils for regularly occurring headaches rather than looking at and treating the root cause of the headaches.

As a specialist, I work with 7 Steps,  in my approach to natural medicine:  water, food, rest, exercise, own your power, environment, and play.  I get to the roots and help you, heal your body.

Kally and Mark compressedTune into this show for more stories on natural medicine and the 6 steps.  Tune in each Wednesday to the Get Real! with Mark and Kally show for a variety of topics from wellness, travel, and even self-help topics.

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The Six Principles of Naturopathy or Alternative Health Care

Mortar And Pestle With Herb by Praisaeng at FDPThe body is so amazing and will generally heal if given the right tools and environment.  Naturopathic medicine recognizes this with 6 foundational principles.  Tune in to find out more.  The use of complementary and alternative medicine or CAM is on the rise.

Naturopathic medicine is an approach to health, wellness and healing that recognizes the amazing whole body.  It treats the whole person.  Naturopathy supports the body to do it's job, it treats the whole person.  Wellness and prevention are the keys; while disease is treated through stimulation, enhancement and support.  Treatments are chosen to support a person's vital energy with respect to the natural healing process.

There are many different healing modalities that fall in this category and include things you can do at home like nutrition, meditation and exercise to acupuncture and herbal medicine that you may want to consult with someone about.


There are 6 basic principles of Naturopathy:

  1. First do no harm.
  2. The healing power of nature.  The body under normal conditions is a self-sustaining organism.   It is a brilliant machine.  If you cut yourself, your body begins to heal – beautifully.  We support the body by cleaning the wound and allow it to do its job.  It has a wonderful ability to adapt and repair.  The healing process is ordered and intelligent.Health Words Related To Healthcare by David Castillo Dominici at FDP
  3. Identify and treat the cause.  Symptoms should be dealt with and not merely suppressed.   It is important to get to root or the body will continue to speak with other symptoms.   Causes can be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.    Simply put, if you have a thorn, remove it, don’t just take a pain killer for the pain.
  4. Heal the whole person.  This requires a comprehensive approach.  While a specialist is fantastic in their knowledge of a single system, we are more than our heart.
  5. The physician is the teacher.  They should educate and encourage the person to take responsibility for their health and well-being.  They are simply a catalyst for change.   It is the patient that ultimately heals themselves.
  6. Prevention is the best medicine.  It is easier and cheaper to prevent than it is to cure disease.  This is accomplished through education and promoting good life habits.

Hippocrates was born around the year 460 BC on the Greek island of Kos.  While he is known as the father of western medicine, his philosophy is far removed from that of modern medicine.  Hippocratic medicine was passive and was based on the healing power of nature - not superstition.  His doctrine taught that the body contains within itself the power to re-balance and heal itself.  Hippocratic therapy focused on simply helping this process along.

Many alternative practitioners are referred to as 'Quacks'.  The definition of a Quack is:  An untrained person who practices medicine fraudulently or any person who pretends to have knowledge or skill in a particular field, charlatan.

Naturopaths are SKILLED and TRAINED.  And most importantly, they DO NOT practice medicine.  Historically, those practicing 'western medicine' were actually referred to as quacks and many sold "rock oil" which was crude oil.   The original snake oil was actually beneficial and did work!  It came from Chinese Water Snakes, it was high in Omega 3's.

Western medicine can be quite valuable and good medical doctors are very much needed as are good, skilled naturopaths.  Medical doctors simple have different training.  There are also many alternative practitioners that are 'acting like medical doctors' treating symptoms rather than following the 6 principles of naturopathy.

Understanding these 6 principles of naturopathy can help you find and work with a good medical doctor or alternative practitioner.

Kally and Mark compressedJoin us to find out simple things you can do and to get a better understanding of Hippocrate's real medicine.  You'll hear why these 6 principles should be your guiding light to wellness.  You'll end up spending less money and you'll feel so much better.  Your body was designed to heal, these 6 principles can help you.

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Photo credits: Praisaeng. farconville, Stuart Miles, David Castillo Dominici, digitalart, at

Please note:  we are not diagnosing or prescribing, please consult your medical expert.

Laughter is The Best Medicine

Debra laughingDebra Norwood, AKA The Laughter Lawyer, had the opportunity to meet the real Patch Adams, founder of the Gesundheit! Institute.

Robin Williams played the role in a movie entitle Patch Adams based on Patch's life.  Patch Adams is a medical doctor and a clown, and feels medicine should be free and available to everyone.  His work and his life reflect the idea that 'Laughter is the best medicine'.

You can read more about Laughter Therapy in this article on alternative therapies.


At one point in his life he felt very suicidal and then entered a mental hospital that changed him.  He wanted to become a medical doctor and help people.

Patch went on to start making his one dream into a reality. He believed that the medical system was twisted and that it cheated poor people. So, he decided that he wanted to build a hospital.  His Gesundheit Institute is not completely perfected, but it is up and running.


patch_adams_1One person said of the Institute: "There, amongst beautiful mountains, hardwood forests and waterfalls, Gesundheit advocates are constructing a holistic rural hospital and healthcare community based on the vision of what healthcare should be like. That means patient care where laughter, joy and creativity will be an integral part of the healing process. Healthcare will be provided without cost and allopathic doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine will work side by side."

Tune in and find out why Memphis City Lawyer, Debra Norwood became a Certified Laughter Therapist, and why she has a deep respect for Patch Adams.  She had the opportunity to spend a week with Patch learning from him and be challenged by him.

You can follow Debra Norwood, The Laughter Lawyer on Facebook.  Catch the show on Patch Adams at Blogtalk radio.

IMAG1482Does laughter improve your health?  I know it always makes me feel better.  Get out with the girls, spend time with your spouse and enjoy some laughter.  Go have a tickle session with your kids.  Laughter is free and there are so many benefits.

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Our First Aid Kits Including What We Take Camping and Hiking

Bag Of First Aid by m_bartosch at FreeDigitalPhotos.netWe have a few interesting items in our first aid kits from essential oils, to charcoal tablets.  And when we go camping or send our kids off to camp, they take these along with them.  Join us and find out what we keep in our 1st Aid Kits.  Catch the latest show here.

You will find the basics in our first aid kits like standard band aids and elastic bandage wraps; but you will also find aloe vera, colloidal silver, charcoal tablets and even essential oils.  Plus we teach our family to scavenge the immediate area for healing plants like plantain.  Of course you will want to know what plants you're dealing with before using them as a first aid remedy.  Nearly every community has local classes to help you get in touch with local plants.  One of our favorit additions to our 1st Aid kit is cayenne powder and extract.

Tune in to find out why we stock these items and what things you see in our first aid kits.

Remember call 911 for emergencies.  These items and comments are only to assist and render immediate first aid.  It is a good idea for everyone to learn some basic first aid and most communities offer free classes.

I like to get a 1st Aid Kit from a company called Melaleuca.  They sell them every summer.  If you are interested in one, I can hook you up.  I have one at home, my office and my car.  More recently, my son just took one with him for his mission to Brazil so he would have all the basics in a nice bag.  This kit has the basics and then I add to it.

I include a book from Kurt King, a master herbalist called 'Herbs to the Rescue, Herbal First Aid Handbook'.  I also like to include laminated pictures of the 3 poisonous plants for identification.

Broadleaf PlantainWe use plants around us for food and remedies.  I encourage everyone to be familiar with the plants around them.  Most communities have someone in the area that does 'Herbal Walks'.  Learning to identify plants that can feed you, provide water, and render first aid could save your life.  I once went on a kayaking trip down in South America for a whole week.  On day 1, I got a huge blister that was making it impossible to paddle.  When we stopped for lunch, I scavenged the area for plants that could help.  I hit gold and found plantain (not the banana).  I mashed the leaves and applied to my thumb and after lunch the blister had drained and a hard layer of skin had formed as protection.  I was able to easily use my thumb the whole week with no pain or problems thanks to miracle of plantain.  I love plantain and it grows nearly everywhere and it truly an amazing plant.  It is edible so you could survive on this plant if needed.  It helps with mosquitoes also.  I nibble on the young leaves to help protect from bugs.  That is just one of the healing plants around.  It is a good idea to identify others.   You will also want a list of emergency numbers.

If you want a list of what I include, keep on reading.

Join us next week for another "Great Place to Visit, The Pacific Coast Highway" on Wednesday June 24th at 9:00 am pacific/AZ time and 11:00 am central time.

Here is my full list of the items in my first aid kit.

  • Alcohol prep pads in single packs for travel and a small bottle of alcohol in my home kit.
  • Clear Defense moisturizing hand sanitizing wipes in single use packs and travel size gel from Melaleuca and doesn't have harmful chemicals.
  • A good antibiotic ointment.
  • I like to keep Melagel from Melaleuca, it has tea tree oil in it and is great for cuts, scraps, bug bites and even minor burns.
  • An anti-fungal cream.
  • Super Lysine cream and/or Dr. Christopher's Cold Sore Relief Balm, I have kids that can get cold sores so I always have this on hand.  Plus it is in my smaller kits.  You need to keep items like this that your deal with often.
  • And anti-itch cream with hydro-cortisone.
  • Dr. Christopher's plantain ointment and comfrey ointment.
  • Homeopathic Sting Stop or similar for bug bites.
  • A soothing gel for sore muscles like Pain-A-Trate from Melaleuca, Tiger Balm, Cayenne ointment, or Jason's Muscle ointment.
  • Silver Shield from Nature's Sunshine
  • Arnica ointment or gel.
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Calamine lotion for stings or poison ivy

Here is the list of essential oils that I might include.  You can pick and choose what works for you.  The synergies are Indigo Mountain Scentsations oil synergy blends.

  • Tea Tree (melaleuca):  many uses
  • Peppermint:  headaches, sunburn, tummy aches, gas
  • Oregano:  poisonous bites, stomach flu, flu, food poisoning
  • Lavender:  many uses, sunburn, headaches, itch, insomnia
  • Rosemary:  stimulating, anti-spasmodic, strengthening, colds and flupeppermint bottle
  • Bug Off Synergy and if you like you can add lemon eucalyptus to this
  • Purify (contains lemon eucalyptus which is great for mosquitoes):  bug, ant bites, odor control, purifying and can be used as a hand sanitizer.
  • Evelyn:  cuts, wounds and bruises
  • Sport Pro:  bumps, bruises, and sore muscles
  • Aura:  colds and respiratory
  • Vitality:  energy and I keep it for tooth aches
  • Tummy Rub:  car sickness, stomach aches, gas
  • Spice Traders:  colds, flu, sore throat, dental issues
  • Fortify:  builds the immune system and protects
  • You could combine Spice Traders and Fortify in a blended bottle for camping.
  • Helichrysum, White Lavender in foraha for serious cuts and wounds
  • A spray bottle of water, distilled aloe vera, white lavender, lavender and peppermint for sun burn and burns.
  • A spray bottle for Bug Off to chase away bugs.
  • A spray bottle of Purify
  • Instant cold packs
  • Heat / Cold Gel Beads
  • Guaze pads of various sizes and rolls
  • 1st aid tape
  • varying sizes band aids
  • butterfly band aids
  • large cloth for band aids, wrapping, splints, etc.
  • New Skin liquid bandage
  • Mole skin for blisters
  • Self-adherent bandage (it sticks to itself)
  • Ibuprofen or appropriate pain killer for your family
  • antihistamine for allergies
  • decongestants
  • anti-diarrhea medicine or herbal remedies
  • laxatives for constipation
  • Cough drops
  • sterile eyewash or saline (even contact lense solution works)
  • Elastic bandage wrap with velcro
  • latex or non-latex gloves
  • tweezers
  • scissorsarnica clik pak
  • Multi-purpose pocket knife
  • Snake bit kit
  • Q-tips (many uses including helping to remove tics)
  • cotton balls
  • needle and thread
  • safety pins
  • exact o knife or razor blades
  • bulb syringe
  • thermometer
  • tongue depressor (good for splints on a finger)
  • Emergency blanket (for hiking, camping or traveling)

This is my basic list of remedies that I keep on hand.

  • Black Cohosh, Plantain and Echinacea extract for venomous bites
  • Echinacea extract
  • Elderberry Extract
  • Super Garlic Immune Formula
  • Immune System Formula from Dr. Christopher
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Lysine capsules (because of cold sores)
  • Charcoal caps:  upset stomach, stomach flu, poisoning
  • Calmacid from Melalueca an herbal stomach remedy with ginger
  • Food enzymes
  • Colloidal silver, also in a spray bottle
  • Homeopathic Bug Bouncer (helps you avoid bug bites)
  • Cayenne extract and/or capsules
  • Arnica tablets
  • Emergency remedy from Australian Bush Flowers or Rescue Remedy
  • Powdered clay like bentonite or green
  • Witch Hazel
  • Mineral, natural sunscreen
  • As natural as possible bug spray if the other remedies don't work.
  • After sun care, we like the Aloe gel from Melaleuca
  • Lotion for dry chapped skin
  • Lip balm
  • Tampons and menstrual pads:  need always for feminine needs, but tampons are useful for a bloody nose that wont stop or a puncture wound.  Pads are great for absorbing blood on a bad cut or wound.
  • Paper and pencil
  • Flashlights and extra batteries.  I like solar powdered lights.  You will need to check these at least annually.  I also like a headlamp so I can be hands free.
  • Whistle
  • Duct tape
  • Fire starter (flint and cotton balls)
  • candles
  • water bottles full of water (especially for a car first aid kit)
  • Nikken sports water bottle or Lifestraw to filter water
  • Zip lock bags and trash bags

With this list, I can handle just about every emergency.  The over the counter medications we have just in case, but we usually end up tossing them unopened when they expire.  The herbal remedies and essential oils take care of nearly all our needs and emergencies.  Depending on the trip I'm taking determines the items I take with me.  Sometimes this whole kit goes with me.

Short List for HikingTravel First Aid Kit by Mister GC at FDP

  • Melagel
  • Small bottle of black cohosh, plantain and echinacea extract
  • small amount of first aid tape wrapped onto a pencil (broken in half)
  • gauze
  • band aids, various sizes and butterfly band aids
  • a small piece of folded paper
  • individual packs of hand sanitizer and alcoholElastic Bandage ” by blackstock at FreeDigitalPhotos.come
  • mole skin
  • arnica tablets
  • scissors (unless they are on a pocket knife)
  • pocket knife
  • tweezers (unless included in a pocket knife)
  • charcoal tablets (4 to 6 tabs in a small baggie)
  • pain reliever (a few in a small baggie)
  • A very small bottle of tea tree oil
  • Elastic bandage wrap
  • snake bite kit
  • sunblock if needed
  • lip balm

I will also include the following items to send off with my kids for camps or short trips for ourselves.

  • Anti-itch cream and anti-fungal if needed
  • triple antibiotic ointment
  • Plantain ointment
  • sting stop for bug
  • small pain-A-Trate
  • small arnica gel
  • Bug Off synergy
  • Sports Pro
  • Aura
  • Tummy Rub
  • Purify
  • Evelyn
  • Oregano
  • Spice Traders with Fortify
  • after sun care
  • Sometimes I send an aloe vera leaf
  • Q-tips and cotton balls
  • safety pins, sewing needle and thread
  • emergency blanket
  • Immune booster herbal remedy like echinacea
  • Cough Drops
  • colloidal silver
  • cayenne
  • flashlights and batteries
  • water filter
  • bags
  • Any other remedies and medications that may be needed individually

I might be over the top.  But I have had 7 kids, many vacations, camping trips, and I have sent them all off to various camps around the country.  Over the years, this is the list that been created from what we actually use or have packed for emergencies.  I used to travel with a long list of essential oils and I've narrowed it down a bit.  You will want to pick and choose the items that work for you and your family.

So if you still with me here after that long list, you may want to listen into the radio show if you haven't already as we tell about some of these items.

What items do you keep in your first aid kit?  What do you find the most beneficial?

Mark and Kally

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