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Your True Colours January 2016

Jan2016We have enjoyed being a regular contributing writing for Your True Colours Magazine.  But, we feel we need to spend our time with our own business.  They have been great.  So this is our last article from Indigo Mountain for Your True Colours.  This months magazine is full of great articles.  Check them out.

You'll find our wellness article on page 19 - a look at Superfoods and they really are.  If you find yourself confused lately about all the media coverage, you'll want to check this out.

Superfoods - What are they?

I don't make money writing this article, no food groups paid me, I received no samples to sway my opinion.  This is just pure knowledge as I have learned it from school, common sense, training, and conventional wisdom and knowledge.  Do your research.  You'll find that a lot of claims are simple hype.  So take a look and just make a few changes to your lifestyle 1 step at a time.

Healthy Food Word by Serge Bertasius Photography at

Even though I'm not writing for the magazine any more - you'll still find lots of great content on our website.  And we intend to make it even better.  So please share with your friends and let them know about us.

For a look at eating healthy check out our other great articles.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas, 3 parts.

Really, It is Possible to Eat Healthy

Green Smoothie Cleanse for Energy and Vitality

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December 2015 All About Art

December2015"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls" Pablo Picasso

This month, December 2015, is full of articles on art.  You'll find articles on Art Therapy, the creative process in writing a song, hanging your artwork, and tips to starting your own art collection.   Jayna Mistry has an article entitled:  The World Needs More Artists.  We agree.  More and more schools are shutting down art programs, at the expense of all our communities.  Check out the article on page 55 about a wonderful company called Trades of Hope, helping to empower women out of poverty.

Of course your'll some of the latest fashion trends and the trends in coats.

Be sure to check out our featured wellness article on page 17 on Art Therapy.    Adult coloring books are all the rage, we have had a hard time keeping them on our Arts Blocks by Stuart Miles at FDPshelves in our store.  Art therapy is being utilized to help children with traumatic brain injuries or for PTSD.  It is a form of yoga for the brain.  Coloring encourages imagination which is great for children, but it is also good for adults.  Imagination is the stuff dreams are made of and helps light a fire to our passion.

Be sure and check out this months Your True Colours Magazine.

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November 2015 Your True Colours Magazine

Nov2015November 2015 edition is packed full of useful tips and is now featuring a special column entitled:  CourageMakers.  This month features Qamar Titus.  She went from living in her car to attending college.  Her goal is to help women be sprititually uplifted across the globe so they can reach their God given destiny and fulfill His purpose in their lives.  Page 59.

Check out the Life Image - Daily Organization article on page 11.  And then on page 23, A Professional Organizer's Four Step System to make a Paper Pile Disappear.  I know I learned some stuff that I will start implementing, as I'm looking at a pile of paperwork on my desk.

Your'll find our wellness article on page 15Stay Healthy This Winter.   You'll find a great list of classic cold and flu remedies and other tips to help you stay healthy through the winter months.

If you have someone in your family that suffers from addiction, you will appreciate the article on page 29.

Do you love to read?  Check out the article on page 33 - 10 Big Life Lessons I Learned from Divergent.




Your True Colours Magazine – September 2015

Sept 2015September 2015

We've got all the essentials for preparedness and fashion all in one issue.

Our regular wellness article this month focuses on Home Canning.  While preparing to write an article on canning, and deciding what to share with our readers, I kept thinking about all my botched canning episodes and why I even can in the first place.  My mind took me back to my childhood, canning with my mom.  It was a great memory.  There are many reasons people can.  For some it is a great way to store up the summer produce.  More and more are finding joy in a summer garden, it is a great way to relax and stay connected.  This summer, I've been playing with pickles.  We are certainly enjoying eating them.  So check out my article, I've got some great tips for you and links to some great websites to help you with your canning adventures.

Wellness: Home Canning p. 25


Many people are "prepping" these days.  Just what is prepping?   Well as you turn the pages of the magazine this month you'll find out.  For a long time it was the 'Mormon's' that were preppers with their year supplies.  But now you will find many people from all walks of life not only storing up food but other supplies as well.

P. 9 has some great finds for Emergency Preparedness.

Check my friend Debra Norwood's article on p. 13 - Emotionally Fit Through Good Brain Habits.

Melissa Rivera has a great article on water on page 35.

On page 45 you'll find a good tool to help with family communication.  How would you reach each other in a disaster?   And do you have adequate insurance?  What about your pets, are you prepared to help them?   On page 47 check out the Survival Mom's top 12 emergency items.

This months magazine is an essential guide to help you get better prepared.  Whether or not you think a major disaster is coming - we all face natural disasters in one form or another.  Because we have moved around this country, I have experienced a lot.  I can tell you, being prepared is essential.  I have been through earthquakes that shut down basic services and damaged homes, snowed in with avalanches that shut down roads - all the grocery stores were quickly out of food, and amazingly people fight - real fist fights over a gallon of milk.  I have even been in a volcano warning.  Yes I've been iced in during some pretty fierce ice storms of Memphis.  And one storm in Memphis was so bad, it knocked power out for a week.  Thank goodness I always keep a half a tank of gas in my car, the gas stations were rationing gas.  And do you remember the L.A. riots?  Well I was there as well.  Many people in the city couldn't get baby diapers for a week and other supplies were gone as well.  Hurricanes - been there too.  As a result, yes I'm a prepper.  So check it out and see what you can do this month to have a little more peace of mind.


Your True Colours August 2015 Magazine Budgets and Back to School Help

August 2015Your True Colours is growing in readers.  People are ready for a magazine devoted to real people and their needs.  You'll find a jam pack magazine full of ideas to help you live a happier life this August 2015 edition.

If you or your kids are headed back to school, you'll appreciate most of this months articles.

A Fish Named Fred, Casual Wear from the Netherlands is the most popular article this month.  Check it out to find out why.

Are you still drinking soda?  Did you know that soda sales are dropping?  I have personally watched people lose a ton of weight by just quitting soda.  Check out this article and find out What Soda Does to Your Body.

Wen Chi has a great article on The Secret to Happiness.  And along those lines - Joyful Living and Emotional Health Using Yoga.  There are some great tips for kids doing yoga as well.  Yoga is an incredible form of exercise that has a number of benefits.

Are you working with a limited budget?  Check out these articles.

Our featured wellness article has great tips for you to make your grocery dollars stretch and the importance of having a budget.  In this article you'll see an app I used to help manage shopping and my rules.  Planning ahead can make your grocery dollars stretch and you will have healthier balanced meals.

Check out Brian Avery's article:  Raising Genius, you may find some useful tips to help with back to school activities.

This monthly edition is full of very useful tips.  Check us out.

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This week, August 19 - The Importance of Family Memories and Traditions.

Next week, August 26, The Color Code Focus - The Blues.


Your True Colours Magazine – June 2015

Your True Colours Magazine has been growing in popularity and we are celebrating a whole year in publication!

Check out our exciting line up of articles this month June 2015.

You'll find our wellness article on page 29, Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin.  Your best source of Vitamin D is from the sun and not a pill.  Lack of Vitamin D can lead to joint pain, gout, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, increased asthma symptoms, cancer and even type 2 diabetes.  Proper sunshine is the key.  We should not be afraid of the sun - get your daily dose and then cover up.

Check out Debra Norwood's article on page 11 - Laughter Lawyer:  Patch Adams, Til Eulenspeigel, and the Courage to be Irritatingly Happy.  She got to spend a week with Patch Adams at the Gesundheit Institute.  He is a fantastic medical doctor that believes that Laughter is the best medicine and that medical care should be free!

Do you need some ideas for books to read this summer, page 35.

You'll find articles on Grilling Season Tips, How to Get a Good Shave, and some CosPlay Costumes.


Your True Colours Magazine – May 2015

11064670_362532173952705_603738698045506317_oMay is a month where the northern hemisphere is gearing up for summer.  Click here for the May Issue.    May is our anniversary month, 1 whole year and readership is way up.  We have readers from all around the globe.

Our featured Wellness Article:  What Do You Do in the Summertime? is found on page 17.  Check it out here.  Summer is an important time for rest and play and and to be more active.  And it is just as important for adults as it is for children.  Get out and get active.  Tap into your inner child and get out and play.

Are you ready to jump start your fitness?  Check out the article on page 11.

Check out an article on travel for women abroad on page 21.

Your True Colours Magazine April 2015

April 2015April is National Humor Month so Your True Colours Magazine has a lot of wonderful articles in celebration.  Laugh long and loud.  It will improve your mood and is actually good exercise.  Check out this months magazine here.

Our editor Carolyn Bendall has some fun facts about President Ronald Reagan and "Smurfs" so check it out.

Debra Norwood, Laughter Lawyer salutes Steve Wilson.    Steve has used laughter as a therapeutic activity since 1964.  He has a Certified Laughter Leader training program that can make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others.

Find our wellness spotlight on page 67:  Playtime and Hobbies.  Playtime is essential for children and adults and we should not stop playing just because we become adults.   Reclaim your inner child by setting aside regular, quality play and hobby time.  The more you play, joke, and laugh - the easier it becomes.

Get inspired by a wonderful article from Beth Usher who used humor to overcome a serious illness on page 25.

Meet Maia Aziz P.S.W., C.L.Y.L., a social worker and certified laughter yoga leader joins us this month ...  She is a clinical manager at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre in Montreal, Canada and Marketing Chair of the Board of Directors of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.  Enjoy her article "Jest Do It".  Determination and resolution are all you need to start your humor workout.

Humor, Laughter, and Improv Coach and First-Ever American Laughing Champion Julie Ostrow has a wonderful article on her challenges and sharing how humor helped her in her life.

Need some help incorporating humor and laughter into your life and classroom, check out page 42 for some amazing tips.

As always, great finds and fashion tips are included.  On page 51, 8 Easy Pieces of Silk, Creating a Wardrobe.  If you feel lost finding the right flat iron, we even have tips to help you there.

What did you like about this months magazine?

Your True Colors March 2015

11025852_343348919204364_5443619479438743896_oA nice way to warm up in the cold days of March, reading this months issue of Your True Colours Magazine March 2015.

Check out some great tips for House Cleaning on page 15.

You will find out freatured wellness column on page 23, Home Kitchen Gardens.  There are so many benefits to having your own kitchen garden from making memories with family, healthier food and a great exercise that is good for stress.  I've got ideas for you to help in many circumstances.

For some tips on on better health and reasons for choosing organic food check out Stan Gardner M.D., CNS article on page 29, "Pay the Farmer or Pay Big Pharma".

For the fashion tip of the month, How to Match Colors and Patterns of Your Tie, Shirt and Suit on page 41.

A fun article by Tyrel Tjoelker, "Yo Ho, Yo Ho:  A Pirate-Flag Primer" on page 43.  You'll have fun impressing your friends and kids with your new found knowledge on pirates.

Fifteen Minutes to Organized by Darlene Illig on page 51.  Get past the things that keep you from becoming more organized.

Not to mention you'll more fashion tips through out the magazine.  Plus business tips to help you succeed.

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Your True Colours – February Edition

February 2015 IssueFeb 2015

The featured story this month is all about the battlefield of love by Kelli Kirwan.    She has been married for 26 years.  Check her article out about the ups and downs of marriage.  You'll laugh and enjoy yourself.

Check out our wellness article on Heart Health, page 32.   It is more than having good blood pressure.  Taking care of your heart should be a high priority.  Get my 11 tips to nurture your heart.

This magazine is full of great reads from 'Honoring the Soul's Outlook' to charity work, and of course fashion.  I love the socks featured on page 49.   If you have thought about sleeping pills or are taking them you might enjoy the article on page 57.