Get More Energy and Vitality with an Herbal Cleanse

Do you need more energy?  Do you feel sluggish?  Our bodies benefit from regular cleansing routines and detoxes.  You'll even hear about Dr. Oz and Oprah talking about the need to detox.  Herbal cleanses have been used for many years to assist the body in cleansing and detox.  An herbal colon cleanse in combination with a liver cleanse, kidney cleanse and a blood stream cleanse supports the whole body in detoxification.

Many years ago the New York City Trash Engineers went on strike.  The trash in New York pilled up everywhere.  Can you imagine the smell and the mess?  Guess what also increased?  Rats! An herbal cleanse can help clear out the clutter and help with energy.

The rats came because of the trash. 

Many people thought the problem was the RATS.  They started looking for solutions to deal with them.  A difficult job as long as there was a good supply of food for them in the trash.

The REAL PROBLEM was the excess trash piling up everywhere.  Get rid of trash - you get ride of the rats.  Simple, go to the root of the issue.

We all know this - if you constantly leave food out in your kitchen you will attract some critters you don't want from the insect kingdom.

Our bodies are the same.  More trash and toxins in our bodies - the more the scavengers come to get the trash.  What is the solution?  Get the trash and toxins out of the body.

In New York, when the trash piled up on the roads, it created traffic jams.  Things slowed down.  We do the same, when we get 'clogged up' we have more phlegm, more inflammation, and more dis-ease in our bodies.  We can feel weighed down, sluggish, lack in energy feeling tired all the time.  

Periodic cleansing of the body can increase energy, aid the body in healing, help with weight loss, and increase longevity.  Over time our body will accumulate toxins.  These toxins can negatively affect all the internal organs and cause disorders in the body's systems.  We are exposed to a lot of toxins from our water, food, the air we breath, to the stuff we choose to into our body's.

Cleansing and nourishing the body through the use of whole herbs and food is the back bone of good health.  Due to the amount of processing our food goes through regular system detoxing is a good idea.  Many people do a cleanse in the spring for a 'Spring Clean'.  Other do a detox 3 to 4 times per year.  

Dr. Christopher's Herbal Cleanse Kit Helping the body with periodical cleanses can help us to feel more vital and have more energy.  One of the best herbal cleanses is Dr. Christopher's Herbal Cleansing Kit.  You can get all 4 together or a whole cleansing program.  You start with the Lower Bowel Formula, keeping the bowels clean and moving regularly is so important.  Any detox program you do should include something for the bowels so the toxins have a place to go. Then we add in the Liver & Gall Bladder Formula.  The liver is a filter and filters need periodic cleansing.  The kidneys also act as a filter and help get rid of toxic substance.  Unfortunately, due to malnutrition, hard water, contaminated water and other negative factors, the kidneys can get overwhelmed.  The Kidney Formula helps to remove these and contribute to a healthier body.  The Blood Stream Formula helps to purify the blood and promote the whole body's detoxification.

Some of the benefits of cleansing are increased energy and vitality, improved eyesight, reduced time being sick, less skin issues, improved digestion, and less inflammation to name a few. 

You may have special needs and we can build a detox program just for you.  You may benefit from adding an herbal parasite detox, or add in herbal medicine to cleanse the lungs.

Periodical herbal cleanses are just 1 part of keeping your system cleaned out.  Each day you should consume half your body weight in ounces of water.  Imagine cleaning your kitchen with dirty water or clean the whole house with a tooth brush.  Crazy to think that right?  Include foods high in fiber in your daily diet like flax seeds, leafy greens, and whole grains. Decrease or avoid mucus forming foods like dairy products, white flour and white sugar.  Avoid processed foods.

When your body is overwhelmed in getting out the trash - disease sets in.  Give your body the tools it needs to keep you healthy.  It is all about balance.  Eat more good food, drink more water, exercise to move the lymph system and help the body with herbal cleanses.  I know I always feel so much better and have more energy when I do a detox program.

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