Pure Essential Oils From Indigo Mountain

We carry some of the best essential oils you can buy at great prices.

We go straight to the source where the best growing conditions are for each oil, from farmers we trust around the world.  There is no middle man with our products, so we are able to offer you great quality and prices.   Our essential oils are pure and certified organic, naturally farmed or wild crafted.

Our essential oils are pure and high quality.  There are no shortcuts, no adulteration, no longer than normal distillation times, no distilling thru other plant material, no stretching with chemicals.  We are not an MLM and you have no minimums to buy.  These oils are not re-branded from another company.  What we carry is the best we can find at the best price from around the world.  Many customers tell us that our oils are much stronger than others, so you use less.  Our oils are therapeutic quality.    We source the oils from people we trust.

Don't just take our word on our essential oils, we know they are good.  We use them, our extended family use them, our friends use them and many loyal customers.  Check out these testimonials on our essential oils

We are very excited about our new web store.  Last year we had a few problems.  We are getting all our oils back online.  To place an order you can call the store, email or click here for our online store - you can check prices as we get them online.  If you would like assistance,  simply call our store at 928-424-5433 or send an email to info@wellnessandtoys.com and we'll contact you to help you with your order.   Thank you for your patience.  We are a family run business.  Our goal is to provide the best oils at the best prices.  Kally is very happy to help you with all your essential oil needs.

Please note that due to market fluctuations, the prices of essential oils can change without notice.  We do our best to update lists, but prices will rise and fall.

 About Our Essential Oils

We have been selling essential oils for over 10 years and have satisfied customers that return again and again to buy our oils.

Aroma Ace (our favorite)

Our buyer knows the farms and the owners we get the oils from, and is a highly valued expert in the essential oil industry.  We recognize the value that pure essential oils have and never sell anything that has been adulterated or extended.  The oils we sell have been distilled for the proper amount of time to ensure maximum therapeutic value. 

Kally has been using and studying essential oils for over 15 years.  She is an expert that can help you sort through the hype associated with the essential oil business.  We have a Facebook group to support our customers with all their needs in learning about essential oils.   Kally will often hold classes to help educate people in how to best use essential oils.  None of the information we provide should be used to diagnose or prescribe.  It is provided as historical information or from personal use. Please consult with your doctor or medical professional.

We carry the largest collection of on-site essential oils in Arizona, so we probably have what you are looking for.  If not, we can get it.  In addition we carry bottles and carrier oils.  We are known for custom orders.  If you have a unique synergy of essential oils that you would like us to mix up, we are happy to do that.  And we offer many different size options from just a few drops to 1/2 dram bottles, 5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml and more.  If you don't want to blend oils in a carrier oil yourself, we'll even do that for you. Not sure what to get? Let us help you pick out just the right essential oils to meet your needs.  We carry a very large selection.   Prices are subject to change due to market conditions.

We have had so many wonderful experiences with using the oils and are so grateful to have had them available to us.   Essential oils have been used for thousands of years.  My first experience with them was when I got the flu many years ago.  My mom had just introduced them to me and I was skeptical of them.  When I was two days away from being admitted to the hospital with the flu, my husband started putting essential oils on me and spraying them around the house and putting them on himself and the kids.  Amazingly, I got better and no one else in the family got the flu.  I was sold, and started learning everything I could.

Basic Tips to Use Essential Oils 

A few of points to remember when using essential oils.

  • Don't over do it with oils, especially when starting out.  They are very potent and stay in the body for a long time.
  • It is wise to blend your oils in a carrier oil until you know more about what you are doing and for use with children.
  • Start by using a small amount and not too many oils at once.
  • Learn all you can.
  • You do not need to take the essential oils orally by mouth all the time.  The skin is the preferred method of using essential oils and many can be used just by inhaling them.  The skin is your largest organ.  Oils applied to the skin get right into the blood stream.  Oils taken by mouth must go through the digestive system.  There are times when this would be appropriate, but we almost never take oils orally.
  • Also use caution for putting oils in the bath.  Warm water opens the pores and you soak in more oils.  You can easily over do it.  Occasionally - but in small amounts.  Tip:  wait until the tub is filled before adding oils.  
  • Take breaks...do not use them every day.
  • There are many wonderful healing tools out there and it is a good idea to utilize them in conjunction with essential oils so that your body has variety.
  • It is a good idea to rotate your oils so as not to build up a single oil in your body.
  • Be aware of oils you should not use during pregnancy.
  • Some oils like the citrus oils may make your skin more photo-toxic.
  • Diffusers come in all sizes and shapes.  Generally we use lower cost essential oils in the diffuser.  

 If you need help picking out oils, we are here to serve you.

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  1. This is a wonderful article. Kally is so knowledgeable about essential oils and so many other things that have to do with our health. I trust her advice!!

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