Green Smoothie Cleanse for Energy and Vitality

I've been doing a green smoothie and some protein flush for 5 days.  I feel great and full of energy.   I really believe that if we observe the 80/20 rule (80% of the time healthy life-promoting food and 20% of the time - not so much) we can maintain great health.  Of course some people can find great health in different ways and if you have health challenges, you might need to eat well 100% of the time until you change your profile.  But in general the 80/20 rule works.  Keep in mind each person has different needs and health challenges.

In our FREE 10 Keys of Wellness, you can read about what I consider a healthy way of eating in general; fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains, and healthy fats as organic as you can is my general rule of thumb.  These 10 Keys of Wellness can help you get REAL health.

Lately, I fell off the wagon.  I started consuming more bread than my body tolerates and some junky candy.  I know - why????  It was there and October was a crazy busy stressful month with so much going on and my daughter was visiting from China.  But, my diet was not in balance and it wasn't what my body wanted.  I put on a few pounds and wasn't feeling as full of energy as I normally do.  This is where some people, me included have been tempted to say, "Well I blew it so I might as well just enjoy myself."  No, each and everyday you get up and start fresh with new resolve.  And use a scale properly as a feedback device.   Sometimes we abuse ourselves with the scale.  Sometimes we hide from the scale.  I've done both.  Now I've learned to use it as a feedback device.  When I don't eat well or exercise - it goes up.  I don't want it to.  So being honest with myself and taking responsibility I do something about it.  

As we go through November and December there will be a lot more opportunities to fall off the wagon.  But it doesn't have to be 60 days of horrible eating.  We can find balance.  For Halloween and other special occasions where I know we will be in the 20% plus side of balance, I feed my family real healthy before and after.  I make sure they are full of good food (no bread or pasta) before going trick or treating and eating a bunch of candy.  That way, they are full with good stuff.  I like to increase their fiber as well which helps with increased sugar.  

So as I said, I fell off the wagon just a little bit and decided that I needed a periodic cleanse with a green smoothie, extra fiber and protein.  This is not a prescribed plan or program, but it is what I felt like my body needed.  As always, you should check with your health care professional before making changes.

I've been eating some raw fruits and vegetables; green smoothies with only greens, fruit and stevia; fresh squeezed lemon in water and a deliciousAmbro chocolate protein drink from DesBio (one of the best you can get actually) with psyllium husk powder for fiber and cleansing.  I feel amazing and have lots more energy.  I have dropped 6 of the 10 lbs pounds gained since summer.  I eat a little fruit, raw vegetable or drink a green smoothie when I feel hungry and make sure that I have drank half my body weight in water.

DesBio's Optima Lean Ultimate Weight -Management Protein Powder (you can find this at Indigo Mountain, ask for it from me if you're looking for it online)  has 15 grams of protein, 6 grams of natural sugar, .5 g of fat and contains medium chain triglycerides (good for you) and lots of nutrients and enzymes.  It is a whey protein and contains chia seeds.  There is no soy, no gluten, no starch, no preservatives, no corn, no sodium and nothing at all bad for you.  It has 110 calories mixed in water.  I drink it just in water and it is good.  

Today I made my Optima Lean a bit more of a treat for 5 days of good work.  I mixed a scoop of chocolate Optima Lean with 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 rounded teaspoon psyllium husk powder and 3 ice cubes and blended.  Then I added a nice rounded tablespoon of cacao nibs and 8 drops of English Toffee Stevia.  HEAVENLY!!!  What a treat!  I probably increased the calories to just under 200.  No big deal.  I am full and satisfied.

Day 5 of my cleanse I will also add a salad (slowly breaking my green smoothie fast in a healthy way) for lunch.  For dinner I'll have some okra (just can't resist the fresh okra out of the garden and a smoothie for dinner.  It is always a good idea to break a fast eating simply. 

I have so much more energy in just a few days, I released some extra pounds and my whole system feels more vital.  

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.  Don't fall too far off the wagon this season.  And if you do, then wake up with a new day eating how you choose in a healthy way.  


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