Your True Colours Magazine October 2014, Tips for Holiday Stress

Oct Mag coverThe October edition is packed full of great articles,  from tips to dealing with holiday stress, men's fashion and the musician feature about our daughter, Angela Efros:  An American in China by Sherry O'Connor on p. 119.    Angela's advise:  "if you IMG_1909have a crazy idea that you want to try, a trip around the world, a book, whatever, don't try to rationalize your way out of it.  Really, what is the worst thing that could happen if you try?  And then you realize that it's a lot less scary than you think it is, just go for it."  You can read more about her experiences in the magazine.

Female Wearing Christmas Hat by imagerymajestic at Freedigitalphotos.netYou'll find our wellness column on page 37:  Wellness:  Stress Less for the Holidays.  Fall is now in full swing and the days are getting shorter.  Fall is the time of harvest, and we prepare for winter and the holidays.  In Chinese medicine, autumn is represented by metal, and is a time to clear out negativity and let go like the trees let go of their leaves.

In the article you'll find 10 easy steps that can help you make the most of fall and the holidays with less stress and sick time.  Then I share with you my tips that I have learned.   Let nature guide you this season, let go of some of your expectations and busyness this year.  Turn inward and plan for relaxing days ahead.  Let go of waste and old and be open to new experiences.  Breathe in deeply the crisp autumn air and feel energized.  Then when the holidays come, you'll be more refreshed and have clarity of mind. Check out my article for your great tips to deal with holiday stress.

Other articles:

  • Men's Fashion for the Holidays
  • Best Main Street in America:  Collierville, TN (it is a pretty special place - we've been there many times ourselves).
  • Using Talent to Have a Happy Career
  • Organic Grown Cotton
  • No Bake Nutella Cheesecake
  • Fun Unique Gifts
  • and much more

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IMG_1896What was your favorite article?   Did you enjoy the 10 Steps to less stress for the holidays?  What was my rule?  Yep I came up with that myself.

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