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The Color Code, Focus Spotlight – The BLUES

piechart-y0BI4KTqThe Color Code by Taylor Hartman goes beyond the normal personality profile, it tells you why you do what you do.  When you understand your motives, then you can understand yourself better and the people around you, improving your relationships.

The Color Code is an amazing system that tells you "why" you do what you do.  On today's show,  we'll go over the 'Blues'.  Their primary motivation is connection.

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Find out more about the REDS here.  Kally is a primary Red and will tell us all about living with a strong personality.

Color Code Focus, Yellows.  Our daughter Angela is full on Yellow - no strong secondary color.  You can learn more about how Yellows think and what it is like to live with a beautiful Yellow.  She is living her dreams in a big way and absolutely having fun doing that.

Coming soon, a focus on the Whites.

blue gifts

The 'Blues' driving core motive is intimacy and connections.  Their natural gifts are quality and service.  They are naturally focused on quality and creating strong relationships.  Blues think emotionally.

Tune in and learn about the Blues in your life - even if that Blue is you.  We have a special expert with us - Mark - he is a 'true Blue'.  While he was in the hotel business, his focus and specialty was quality and service.  All his hotels ranked in the top for quality and service soon after he got there.  He was a natural.

Blues need to be be appreciated and understood and are generally focused on quality and creating strong relationships.

It has been an interesting marriage, me the RED living with a BLUE - Mark.  But we have learned a lot along the way.  As a red I'm focused on getting the job done - direct and to the point, while Mark is focused on doing a great job.  At one point in our lives we remodeled a house.  He was concerned about the corners being perfect and everything matching up - while I knew it never would, after all it was construction.  Working together with our strengths we make a great team, I keep him focused and on task moving forward quickly and he keeps us focused on quality.  At the same time, we can be each others worst nightmare.  But due to The Color Code, we have learned to focus on our strengths, give each other what we really need, and work together.

As a RED, as long as he acknowledges I am right.... we are good.  And for him the BLUE as long as I let him now I understand and appreciate him, he is good.  I may not always be right, and he is entitled to another opinion - we've learned to listen to each other.

The Color Code is a fabulous tool that has helped save our marriage and helped us understand and nurture our children.  We've been able to motivate them with their strengths from their unique personalities.

Take the FREE TEST at this link.  And if you really want to learn more information about yourself, specific to you… then pay the small fee and get the full results.  You’ll get videos and tons of information about your personality and more importantly about your unique combination with your secondary color.


If you would like to learn more, we can help.  We do private and group coaching sessions.Certified Trainer

Follow the link for your FREE personality assessment.

If you are a BLUE or  think you might have a BLUE in your life, this is the show for you.  We love the BLUE'S, but sometimes we don't always get their emotional responses.   Remember Blue's, sometimes you can set goals way to high and you tend to overthink or guilt yourself too much.

markDon't forget to check out the program on the BLUE'S.

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Mark and Kally

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The Color Code, The Secret to Understanding All Your Relationships

Certified TrainerDr. Taylor Hartman, himself a yellow with a good Blue wife helping him, discovered an amazing key to understanding people in a system called The Color Code.   His book, The People Code is a great guide and has helped thousands.  It is a new way to see yourself, your relationships, and life.

Check out our radio program on the basics of The Color Code.

We are both Color Code Trainers.  We learned the value of The Color Code years ago.  It saved our marriage and helped to understand our children better.  Often when we work with someone they reply, "You've given me the secret code to understanding my spouse and children!"  Once you understand people through really understanding their core motivation, you will never see people in the same way.


Dr. Hartman's Color Code Personality Assessment is the most accurate, comprehensive and usable test available.  The Color Code is unique in that it identifies WHY you do what you do.  This

allows you very useful insights into what makes you tick.  But not only that - it gives you tools to understand all your relationships.  Everything in life is about RELATIONSHIPS.  One color is neither good nor bad.   Relationships can be puzzling.  This is a great tool to help put the pieces together.

Socrates said that the major task of life is to come to "know thyself".   We do this by examining ourselves and learning our unique motivations, needs, wants, strengths, and yes even knowing our limitations.  When we understand ourselves first, we can better understand how to successfully communicate and relate to others.

iceberg motivation and behavior wordsMany systems out there look at behavior modification and that barely touches the surface.  Picture an iceberg.  Only about 10% of the iceberg is visible above the water.  This 10% represents the behavior.  While 90% below the surface and the real danger for sinking ships is below the surface and represents motive.  Your core motive is at the root.

Life is about personal responsibility and must take 100% responsibility for ourselves and all our relationships.  We need 100% effort.  We have free will coming from our core motive and personality to choose to create our lives and build character.

In order to live optimally, you need to meet your needs - your basic needs.  When you understand your core motive - you can get your needs met.  We can't survive without water or food - they are needs and they are essential.  Without them, we will eventually die.  We need to feed our personality - we can literally starve ourselves when our personality needs don't get met.

I'll spell out the ideal basic qualities of the different personalities, but when we don't understand ourselves we become reactive and may have learned to respond to life in a color that is not our innate personality and it creates bumps in our path and we may struggle with ourselves and our relationships.

Color Code

REDS are the Lifeblood of humanity.  They are the movers and shakers of society.  They move forward from point A to B and get things done.  They are natural leaders and have vision.    REDS NEED:  to look good, technically, to be right, to be respected, and approval from a select few.  Click here to listen to our show on the REDS.

BLUES are the do-gooders.  They are connecting and creating quality relationships and have a great sense of purpose.  Their natural gifts are quality and service.  BLUES NEED:  to be good morally, to be understood, to be appreciated, to be accepted.  Click here to listen to our show on the BLUES.

WHITES offer a model for gentle, human dignity.  They are the peacekeepers.  Their natural gifts are clarity and tolerance.  WHITES NEED:  to feel good inside, to be given space, to be respected and to be accepted.  **Radio show coming soon.

YELLOWS, happy is as happy does.  They generally know what they love and always find the time to do it.  They are the fun lovers and live life "in the moment".  Their natural gifts are enthusiasm and optimism.  YELLOWS NEED:  to look good socially, to be noticed, to be praised, and to receive approval from the masses.  Click here to listen to our show on the YELLOWS.

Remember - no color is better than the others.  We need a good balance - a rainbow.  And the colors are not gender specific.  It is actually divided 50/50.  In other words, 50% of the Red population are women and 50% are women.  There are however, statistically about 35% of the population that is blue, evenly mixed between men and women.


You can take the free test, get private one on one consultations or join us for classes.  Sign up for our newsletter or send and email for more information on our Color Code Personality Coaching programs.

Many people have a strong single color like our daughter Angela, she is a yellow; while others have a secondary color that directly influences their primary motivation.  Kally is a strong red, with yellow and that impacts her life.  Mark is a blue for sure, but he is affected as well by his secondary color yellow and by his 3rd color red and his environment and how he was raised.

We can help you better understand yourself and your relationships.  Click here to catch the overview of The Color Code on our Get Real! with Mark and Kally show on Your True Colours Image Radio.testh

Take the FREE TEST at this link.  And if you really want to learn more information about yourself, specific to you... then pay the small fee and get the full results.  You'll get videos and tons of information about your personality and more importantly about your unique combination with your secondary color.

Kally and Mark for webHave a great day!

Mark and Kally

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Laughter and Loyalty, Two Keys to a Happy Marriage

Kally and Mark compressedI have been married to my husband, Mark for 28 years.  I won’t lie to you…some of those years were not so fun.  But we stuck it out and worked through our issues, and the end result is a very happy marriage and life together.  Along the way we have moved 12 times, lived in a hotel 3 different times (he was in the hotel business), lived in our RV for almost 2 years and lived in 5 different states.  We have 7 wonderful children and 1 dog.  We have suffered disappointments of all kinds.  There were times when we didn’t know how we were going to pay the bills the next day and times we were so mad at each other we had to separate into corners to “cool off”.  In the end, we still love each other even more than when we got married.  There are even couples that have been married for 89 years and they talk of a happy marriage.

What is our secret for a happy marriage?  We have many that we have learned through the years that has saved our marriage and helped us forge an incredible bond.  I’m going to focus on 2 of them:  Laughter and Loyalty.

The definition of loyalty is:  Faithfulness to commitments or obligations.Kally and Mark wedding rings

When you enter into a marriage, you agree to certain terms that both parties agree on.  For a successful marriage and a healthy relationship, loyalty is a trait that should be nurtured by both parties all the time.  When there is no loyalty, trust is betrayed and it leaves the partners feeling vulnerable and unsupported.  If trust is broken, work to repair that trust.

Some relationships are dysfunctional and abusive.  In those cases couples should seek professional advice.  If you are in a difficult relationship, take care of yourself.  But even then, you can practice the art of loyalty, which may even help your spouse get the help they need.

Here are a few keys to fostering a marriage with loyalty.

  1. Be completely honest with each other.
  2. Don’t talk about your spouse behind their back to anyone, except clergy, councilors, or a life coach. This includes friends and family.  Let’s face it, if you talk about how bad your spouse is, most of those people will back you up; and that can destroy a marriage.  If you do talk to others to get advice, they should be neutral.  And you should only have that conversation to gain understanding about yourself and your spouse.  Never bash your spouse.   Even if you do have family and friends that are neutral, it still puts them in an awkward place.
  3. Make a good effort to get along with your in-laws. Avoid speaking negatively about them.  If you accept your spouse, you accept where they came from as well.
  4. Be your spouse’s best cheerleader. Support them in what they do.
  5. Be each other’s best friend. You can still have your friends, but your spouse should always be your best friend.Honeymoon Lover by Piyaphon at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
  6. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you will form a replacement relationship while married.
  7. Make the needs of your spouse just as important as your own needs. Give service to your spouse.
  8. Love your spouse unconditionally. This means without conditions or terms.  Don’t hold them hostage.
  9. Practice forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes.
  10. Learn to understand the way your spouse thinks, communicates and receives love. We love the books The People Code by Dr. Taylor Hartman and The Five Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman to help.  Speaking your partner’s language really helps.

Loyalty in a marriage means you are committed to the contract of marriage and that relationship.  It comes first.  If you fall out of love, out of honor, remain loyal still.  Work on the things you can work on and perhaps you will find love again.  It happens.  Every marriage goes through the ups and downs of life.  We have seen our fair share.  The key has been that we are absolutely loyal to each other.  No one or nothing has become between the two of us.  At one point we hit a rough spell and we agreed to talk to our religious leader.  He chuckled and said we hit the 7 year itch and that it would pass.  He had years of experience on us and offered neutral advice to both of us…and it passed.  Had we gone to friends or family or looked for other areas to lick our wounds, we would probably not have stayed married.  No marriage is without a challenge.  And it is well worth the effort.

When loyalty exists in a marriage, couples are happier and more satisfied with their lives according to a Northwestern University study.

April is National Humor Month.  Humor is an incredible tool to heal the body and help balance emotions.  It can take the tension out of tough situations and relationships.  We all need to laugh at ourselves and our relationships.

The old saying, “Laughter is good medicine”, is really true.  It can mend bridges of discontent easier than anything.

Laughter establishes or restores a positive emotional climate and sense of connection between two people, who literally take pleasure in the company of each other.  The levity can diffuse anger and anxiety, which can pave a path to intimacy.  Read more about the benefits of Laughter.

Early in our marriage we recognized the value of laughter.  One Christmas present we gave each other was a Thumb War book.  We agreed that in an argument we would battle it out with a ‘Thumb War’ first and then discuss our issues.  After a good laugh, the issues seemed to clear up or we found them easier to talk about.

Laughter releases good chemicals in the brain and helps to reduce stress.   Less stress equals better relationships.

Make note of the funny moments each day.  Make it a habit to share something funny that happened while eating dinner.  Enjoy comedies on TV and in movies (don’t forget the classics).  Share jokes.  Reflect on the funny times you have had in the past.

Work together to build a great sense of humor in your relationship.  It really does release negative tension.  Read more from Laughter and Humor in Your Marriage.

Don’t let life get too serious.  Laughter really is good therapy.  It is healing to both the physical body, your mental state, and your emotional well-being.

Nurture both laughter and loyalty in your marriage and you will find that these tools are better than years of therapy.  Remember, you chose to marry your spouse, for better or for worse.  A good belly laugh can make the tough times more enjoyable and will give you the resilience to push through.  When you are loyal to your partner, it says a lot about your character as well.

My husband is my best friend!  We started out as good friends while dating and over the years, we have drawn apart and grown and even closer together.  Being able to laugh at ourselves is one of our secrets of success.   I sure love that guy of mine!


Photo Credit by Piyaphon at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Kally and Mark