Today is a New Day – Celebrate Each Day. What About New Year’s Resolutions?

We always celebrate New Year's Eve with style in our family - it is a fun celebration.   We watch movies, play games, work on puzzles, eat lots of food and stay awake until past midnight.  We spend it with friends and/or family.  The kids always had so much fun staying up late.  We watch the countdown on the TV and listen to music.  Sometimes we even play those dancing games.  We'll even reminisce about the past year. I speak a little Spanish and one year we played Spanish scrabble with a family from Argentina - that was fun and challenging.  What ever we do, we have fun.  At the stroke of midnight we shoot off poppers of confetti - yes - in my house.  It goes everywhere and gets into everything.  All year we find confetti.  Just when I thought we got it all, we moved after 10 years of New Year Celebrations and I laughed with joy at the confetti we found and WHERE we found it.   Then we pull out the sparkling cider and glass flutes or Italian glass goblets and we toast the new year.  The kids love it!  It is such a tradition that when we celebrated all the holidays in one day for my China daughter - toasting the new year was part of that.  Here is a great article on the value of playing games, it would make a great New Years Resolution.

This year we'll be making a Memory Jar, adding little notes all year of memories and things we are grateful for, to review next New Year's Eve.

I have moved away from the printed calender using instead electronic calenders that sync with my smart phone.  It isn't the same as far as memories go.   This year I printed out a 12 month calender to write down important events as they happen over the year.    On the back of each month calender page I'll be able to journal about the month - quickly and easily.  It is a good reference.  With digital photos, I don't print them out and look at them and I have not scrapbooked in years.  For the year as we take pictures, I'll be creating 3 files.  One file for the months of the year pictures.  Another file for the special pictures I want to print out.  And the last file will be for pictures I think would make a good slide show on a CD.  At the end of the year, I'll have my Memory Jar, Photos printed into a photo book with a CD of the year in review slide show and the 12 calender pages with the important dates written on them.  I'm really excited actually.   Next New Year's Eve will be so much fun with an easy CD slide show of pictures to watch and our Memory Jar of the past year. 

So now that it is a new year, it is a good time to reflect on what you did and didn't do.  Many people like to make New Year's Resolutions.   I like to start the year with making a Vision Board.

This year we were talking about the past  year and planning for the new year, missing our 2 kids in China and 1 in the Phoenix area.  We Facebook messaged the China kids - they were eating lunch and thinking of our midnight tradition.  As we reflected about our lives, Mark said, "You know New Year's Eve and New Year Day just doesn't quite have the same meaning to me anymore.  Everyday is a new year and a new beginning."  Bingo!  He won the prize - living in the present moment.  We don't have to wait for December 31st to start anew.  

Dr. Darren Weissman in his book The Power Of Infinite Love & Gratitude said, "Owning your power is living life with Infinite Love & Gratitude.  It means to embrace all aspects of life with passion, purpose and courage."  When you face each day passion, purpose and courage - every day really is a celebration of living.  Imagine what your life would look like if each day was embraced with love and gratitude.  If you have ever been to a Tony Robbins event, you are constantly celebrating.  Imagine what your life would like if you celebrated each day not just the last day of the year.  There is great value to honoring the successes and victories of each day

This is how I approach the change of the year and New Year's Resolutions:

  •  Memory Jar, to stay focused on the good moments of the year and what we are grateful for.
  • 12 month printed calender to record important life events; plan the year in general and create objectives and goals during the year; and to be used to evaluate the past year
  • Organizing my digital photos as I go through the year dropping photos in files to generate a photo album and CD slide show
  • Evaluate the past year, if you didn't accomplish something - why not?
  • Imagine what I want my life to look like next December and set some long rang goals to achieve that
  • Look at each area of my life and see what I would like to improve or change
  • Take a realistic look at what I'm willing to do and match that with what I want my life to look like
  • Get a mentor, coach, support person and/or friend that can help support you; tell someone 
  • Create a Vision Board
  • Break it down and make some actionable steps; don't try to do it all in January
  • Plan to celebrate along the way - Celebrate the Journey and Find Joy in the Journey
  • Be flexible, you may need to change course through the year or adjust your goals
  • Be consistent
  • Most important:  Everyday is a new day, you get to start each new day working on the bigger picture of your life plan.

Don't set a goal for yourself to lose 50 lbs if you are not willing to change the way you eat and exercise or get to the root of your weight problem.  You will only set yourself up for failure.  A better option might be to work on adding exercise to your daily routine.  While we need to be realistic about where we are, we also need to dream and imagine what we want our life to look like.  One of the biggest challenges I see when working with people is that they don't know what they want out of life, but what they have they don't want.  If you don't know where you're going, you'll have a hard time getting there.  For some people that is okay, they get in the car and drive anywhere and they are happy.  But, if you want to get to a certain place, a little planning helps a lot and a map.  If you really want a great trip, talk to someone who has been there and they will tell you all the great hot spots.  

What is your destination for the end of they year?  What do you want to see in your life?  What are you willing to do to get there?  Get your map (goals and a vision board) and talk to someone that can coach you along the way and even help you get past those bumps in the road.

Happy New Year or as the common Spanish greeting goes:  "Prospero Año Nuevo" or have a prosperous new year.

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