Your True Colours January 2016

Jan2016We have enjoyed being a regular contributing writing for Your True Colours Magazine.  But, we feel we need to spend our time with our own business.  They have been great.  So this is our last article from Indigo Mountain for Your True Colours.  This months magazine is full of great articles.  Check them out.

You'll find our wellness article on page 19 - a look at Superfoods and they really are.  If you find yourself confused lately about all the media coverage, you'll want to check this out.

Superfoods - What are they?

I don't make money writing this article, no food groups paid me, I received no samples to sway my opinion.  This is just pure knowledge as I have learned it from school, common sense, training, and conventional wisdom and knowledge.  Do your research.  You'll find that a lot of claims are simple hype.  So take a look and just make a few changes to your lifestyle 1 step at a time.

Healthy Food Word by Serge Bertasius Photography at

Even though I'm not writing for the magazine any more - you'll still find lots of great content on our website.  And we intend to make it even better.  So please share with your friends and let them know about us.

For a look at eating healthy check out our other great articles.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas, 3 parts.

Really, It is Possible to Eat Healthy

Green Smoothie Cleanse for Energy and Vitality

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